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Still up to Their Old Tricks!

The AP reports that John Kerry is pushing a recount in Ohio, even though it is universally acknowledged that the recount will not even come close to changing the results of the 2004 elections.  The number of ballots potentially in question appears to be about 92,000, but Mr. Kerry lost Ohio by 119,000 votes.

"The Ohio recount is a ribald attempt to strip our President of his mandate."

Others have said this, and I now echo the sentiment:  The Ohio recount is a ribald attempt to strip our President of his mandate.  The elite left is not stupid (although it is foolish).  They realize that they are losing their last tenuous grip on any shard of popular support.  They have been, through the wisdom of the people, relegated to decades of minority status.  Rush Limbaugh predicts a 40 year dungeon for the left; I agree and suspect that it may even be longer.  The left thinks that the people are just going through a "stupid phase" for not supporting the left-wing agenda of government "support" (read: "choking control") of virtually all areas of our lives.  They think that the people will "wake up" and realize how much they benefit from having government run and control every truly important part of their lives, and will gleefully run back to dependence on the governmental teat.  The people are wiser than that, as the 2004 election shows.

The left is desperate.  The President is not going to be swayed by losing a few votes in Ohio, if even that is the case.  I personally believe that the recount will increase the margin of our beloved Presidentís victory, thus backfiring on the socialists who run the Democratic party.  This will be coupled with a Howard Dean victory as head of the DNC, as we conservatives sit back and shake our heads.  These people do not recognize the reality of the situation.

With no grip on reality, the leftists go back to the failed 2000 playbook, and the failed policies that the People have spurned for the last decade.  Insanity has been defined as repeatedly doing the same thing, but expecting a different result.  On that criteria, the socialist leaders of the Democratic party are acting insanely.  Their old tricks have failed; they are failing now; they will continue to fail.  It is insane to assume the people are unwise or stupid or foolish, for they have proved the opposite over and over again.  This desperate attempt is doomed to failure.  Just donít expect these people to change their stripes.