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Thanking the Liberals who Supported Terri

Some of us on the right have grouped the liberals into a giant pile of evil when it comes to the Terri Schiavo lifesaving efforts.  This is inaccurate.  Conservativity will not travel down this road for it flouts the facts.  We therefore express our thanks to those who joined us in the fight for Terriís life.  Some of these people expressed public support for Terri; others voted in favor of the Federal Terri legislation; others voted in the Florida legislature.  We hope, but cannot guarantee, that this list is accurate.  But, every single one of these people has, at least for this single issue, earned a place in the Liberals with Integrity section of this magazine.

Without further fanfare, we salute the following liberal Terri supporters:

  • Congressman Joe Baca
  • Congressman  Brian Baird
  • Congressman John Barrow
  • Congresswoman Melissa Bean
  • Congressman Marion Berry (Arkansas)
  • Congressman Sanford Bishop
  • Congressman Dan Boren
  • Congressman Robert Brady (PA)
  • Congressman Ben Chandler
  • Congressman Jerry Costello
  • Congressman Bud Cramer
  • Congressman Henry Cuellar
  • Congressman Bill Cummings
  • Congressman Lincoln Davis (TN)
  • Congressman Thomas Edwards
  • Congressman Eliot Engel
  • Congressman Bob Etheridge
  • Congressman Chaka Fattah
  • Congressman Harold Ford
  • Congressman Al Green
  • Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth
  • Congressman Brian Higgins
  • Congressman Tim Holden
  • Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
  • Congressman Paul Kanjorski
  • Congressman Dale Kildee
  • Congressman James Langevin
  • Congressman Bill Lipinski
  • Congressman Stehpen Lynch
  • Congressman Jim Marshall
  • Congressman Jim Matheson
  • Congressman Mike McIntyre
  • Congressman Michael McNulty
  • Congressman Kendrick Meek
  • Congressman Charles Melancon
  • Congressman Michael Michaud
  • Congressman Alan Mollohan
  • Congressman James Oberstar
  • Congressman Earl Pomeroy
  • Congressman Mike Ross
  • Congressman David Scott
  • Congressman Jose Serrano
  • Congressman Ike Skelton
  • Congressman Vic Snyder
  • Congressman Bart Stupak
  • Congressman John Tanner
  • Congressman Albert Wynn
  • Sen. Harry Reid, minority leader, who agreed to present no object to the Senateís unanimous consent resolution to help Terri. 
  • David Boies, attorney for Al Gore in the 2000 election mess
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has taken an active role in pushing for help for Terri.

We thank these people for standing up for the premise that nobody should be starved to death, especially on the hearsay of people who appear to have motivation to cause that personís death.