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Senator McConnell: Use the Nuclear Option!

Ann Coulter, who was unable to speak at UC Berkeley today because of fascist thugs who ironically call themselves “Antifa” – a contraction of “Anti-Fascist” – while using physical violence or its threat to silence those who may disagree with its point of view, recently said that she was frustrated that the GOP never seems to want to win now.  I could not agree more.  They caved to Democrat threats to shut down government if any money was budgeted for the border wall.  They are likely to cave to Democrat screeching over the outstanding tax cut bill proposed by the President and his Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

Since the Democrats can do nothing in the House of Representatives to stop the GOP, the Senate is the battlegrouond.  Why?  Because of the Mansfield rule, introduced in 1970, that allowed a senator to kick back, light up a cigar, and say, “I filibuster!” – and the Senate could move on to other things.  This in essence allows the minority party to force a 60-vote majority on all legislation.  The “Nuclear option” to destroy this rule by precedent was invoked twice:  in 2013 for non-Supreme Court nominations, and a few weeks ago to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Senator McConnell: Just nuke ‘em!  Enough of this nonsense!  We won!  Republicans have the following:

  • The Presidency
  • The House
  • The Senate
  • 33 governorships
  • 33 state legislatures, 37 where the GOP controls one of 2 houses

Sir, we can convene state conventions and amend the Constitution almost at will!  We have 52 GOP senators and three Democrats who will cross aisles on many issues.  Use the Nuclear option.  End the stupid filibuster rule and force the Democrats to try to hold the floor the old-fashioned cots-and-catheters method.  It worked in this country before.  Let’s go back to it again.

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because, no matter what you do, the Democrat minority will vigorously oppose you.  You could propose a national holiday for Barack Obama’s birthday and you would get Democrat flak.  Therefore, stop the minority from acting like the majority.  I understand that you may fear the day when the Democrats are in charge.  However, look at the airplane wreck that is the Democrat Party and estimate how long that will be.  If you nuke the Democrats now and pass everything that President Trump wants, the economy will skyrocket and the question will then be how many seats you will gain in 2018.  Do you want to have a 2/3 majority in both houses?  It will be possible!

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because the media will always rant and criticize.  It is for all intents and purposes the propaganda ministry of the Democrat party.  You will never win.  Therefore, stop caring about what the media thinks!  We saw a glimmer of hope when you steadfastly nuked the Gorsuch filibuster.  You showed that you have a backbone.  Show that backbone again and eliminate the filibuster for all legislation.

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because the base will love you and the rest of the Senate.  Congress languishes with an approval rating lower than used-car salesmen.  Do something that will make the base happy again, even more than the Gorsuch confirmation.  He’s sitting on SCOTUS now, and it is time to stop resting on that laurel.  The Democrats will always oppose you as I noted above.  So why put up with this nonsense?

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because it is what is best for the country right now.  We need the tax cuts that President Trump proposed – now.  We need the border wall built – now.   We need sensible infrastructure rebuilt – now.  We need regulations truly eliminated – now. We need to properly rebuild our military – now! We need legislation to protect the President’s lawful executive orders from frivolous court challenges in leftist circuits.  The President and you must expect precisely zero Democrat support, no matter how much their intractability hurts the country.  Realize the truth:  The Democrats care little to nothing for the country.  This is about their power, and their rage at losing all of it.  It may seem cruel to effectively rub the Democrats’ noses in their loss.  However, remember when you were on the receiving end of that nose-rub.

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because you deserve a break.  It must be the tenth ring of hell facing a complete scorched-earth war every time you get up in the morning.  Democrats filibustering everything, leftist RINO “Republicans” recalcitrant, accused of scandalous behavior of which you are completely innocent.  Nuke them.  Put those petulant babies in the corner to sulk while President Trump, Speaker Ryan and you fix the mess they made.  You deserve a break.  Nuke the Democrats!

Kim-Jong Un sits in Pyongyang and makes extravagant nuclear threats at the USA.  We have real nuclear issues with which to deal.  Do you have time to be engaged in skirmishes when you could be enacting things that actually help the United States of America while the Democrats don’t care if the nation is destroyed?

Senator McConnell:  Use the Nuclear Option because it is the only right thing to do!