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The Unmitigated Thuggery of the Left

In Massachusetts, the race to replace Ted Kennedy in this left-wing state leans toward a Conservative Republican.  The ordained candidate of the Left, Martha Coakley, did not bother to campaign with any effort at all at first.  Then Scott Brown, the aforementioned conservative, started to make progress.  Now, Mr. Brown is in a statistical tie in every reliable poll, and his momentum shows every sign of carrying him to victory on January 19.  How has the Left responded?

For starters, there are reliable reports that the state will, if Mr. Brown wins decisively, stall his certification until February 20 to prevent him from entering the Senate and keeping his promise to deny cloture to the health care debacle presently in intense negotiations to iron out differences between House and Senate (those negotiations are behind closed doors and are being hidden from the people).  Contrast this with the Democrat just-a-winner of the NY-23 special election, who was seated immediately in the House so that he could help Nancy Pelosi ram through the House version of this sickening leftist power-grab.  It must be noted that the interim Senator, Mr. Kirk, has pledged to vote for the debacle, regardless of what the people say in the election.

Next, Mrs. Coakley has an interesting way of dealing with press questions she does not like.  For example, when John McCormack of the Weekly Standard attempted to follow up on  Mrs. Coakley’s previous statement that there were no terrorists in Afghanistan -- a perfectly fair question given the national responsibilities of a Senator -- she ignored the question.  Then a thug named Michael Meehan, an aide to Mrs, Coakley, shoved Mr. McCormack into a fence and demanded ID (Mr. McCormack is a recognizable journalist of good national repute).  When produced, Meehan continued to physically block him from following Mrs. Coakley to demand an answer to this question, shoving the reporter repeatedly to achieve this end.

This particular act of thuggery, which would impress Goebbels, Mao Tse-Tung and Stalin, would be no more than standard Democrat tactics except for two minor facts:  (i) Meehan works for Mrs Coakley; and (ii) Mrs. Coakley is the Attorney General of Massachusetts! Mrs. Coakley then went on to deny knowledge of this incident, which as the chief legal officer of the state, and an attorney, she is bound by ethical code and law to report for prosecution.  In another brazen case of irony, this criminal attack has been caught on videotape, and Mrs. Coakley can be seen witnessing the attack.  the videotape proves that the Attorney General of Massachsetts witnessed her own employee batter a reporter who did nothing but ask her a question, and then, not only did she fail to do her legal duty and turn Mr. Meehan over to the police (she even has arrest powers herself), she blatantly and flippantly lied about it!

There is a wonderful article in the Boston Herald detailing Mrs. Coakley’s snobbish disregard for the real people of Massachusetts.  Read it here.  Michael Graham, the author, expresses the frustrations of America with eloquence and the disappointment that we all share.  It’s heartbreaking to watch the Democrats attempt to convert this country to a totalitarian regime under their iron boots of liberty-hating paternalism.  However, it is heartwarming to watch the people rise up to block them.

The left assigns a thug to viciously silence even uncomfortable questions from real people.  The people, on the other hand, have other ideas.  We may, by God’s Grace, be rescued, as the people move to put a stop to the evil that the Left continually tries to wreak upon them.  Our country teeters between liberty and tyranny.  If Scott Brown wins, it’s a vote for Liberty!  Then, we will have to fight to get him seated to prevent the Left from running roughshod over our rights.

Based on her Hitleresque conduct in having her thug monster aide physically batter a reporter and the lie about as she watch, Martha Coakley is inducted into our Hall of Shame.  The thug who committed the crime on video, Michael Meehan, joins her.

Watch the video of the battery here: