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If Obama is SO Confident of Victory, why the Desperate Sleaze?

Barack Obama and his campaign are receiving multiple Hall of Shame inductions within one week.  Why, pray tell?  Is Conservativity now practicing redundancy as a literary style?  No.  Some vile things happened over the weekend of September 19-21, and they need to be exposed as widely as possible, to illustrate the total lack of decency, ethics, character, morality, truth, sensibility or goodness that is Mr. Obama and his sycophants.  At this point, I almost wish that Hillary Clinton had stolen the nomination from this "person."

Why am I so livid?  Let’s start with the Obama campaign’s professional attack ad, loaded onto YouTube and make to look like a grass-roots viral piece.  The gist of the attack was that Governor Palin had been a member of a secessionist party in Alaska, a long-disproven smear, which was refuted conclusively by the very organization in which Gov. Palin was (falsely) accused on holding a membership. Well, it did not take the blogosphere, led by valiant truth-teller Michelle Malkin, long to determine that: (i) the voice-overs were done by a professional associated with Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod; (ii) the videos were uploaded by a professional PR firm; (iii) the "viral" YouTube accounts were related; (iv)  the voice-over artist in the ad, to quote Michelle, "has worked extensively with David Axelrod’s firm, which has a history of engaging in phony grassroots efforts, otherwise known as ’astroturfing.’ "

So there was an attempt by the Obama campaign to "astroturf" the Governor of Alaska for having the temerity to draw over 60,000 to a Florida appearance this weekend.  When the blogosphere exposed the blatant evil that is Mr. Obama and his campaign, the cover-up began, as Michelle’s article explains so clearly.  Luckily, someone decided to grab the video before the ad was pulled completely, and reposted it to YouTube, daring the authors to reveal their identities in a Take-Down notice.  So much for the high road, and honesty.  Shame on the filthy tactics of the Obama campaign.

Next, Obama water-carriers NBC recruited Al Franken, socialist America-hating Democrat senate candidate from Minnesota, to advise Saturday Night Live on how to rip into John McCain’s campaign, to the point of helping write two skits.  The first skit, the show opener, portrayed McCain as crafting dishonest attack ads against Mr. Obama.  The second skit, in the most tasteless and horrific travesty ever placed onto television, accused Governor Palin’s husband of incest with his daughters!  This sickening skit depicted a fictitious New York Times writer as winning a 2009 Pulitzer Prize for reporting that no conclusive proof shows that Mr. Palin did not engage in these filthy acts.  I don’t care what SNL’s intent was in that skit.  It was beyond the pale.  I can no longer set that evil before my eyes.  SNL, goodbye.  If NBC apologizes, and takes some concrete action to restore its integrity, I may refrain from organizing a viewer and sponsor boycott.

Shameful hardly does justice to the conduct of socialists, bent on warping America to their totalitarian vision.