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The Most Disgusting Lie

I thought that I had seen and heard just about everything when it came to conspiracy theories.  The Oliver Stone "JFK" garbage.  The loony notion that we never landed astronauts on the moon.  How FDR supposedly knew about Pearl Harbor in advance and let it happen as a pretext for entering World War II.  These theories are all baseless and insane.  None of them withstand any logically-applied scrutiny.  But one the most offensive of these conspiracy theories is, in an election year that Democrats realize is their last stand, has now been espoused by 75 "scientists" (I use that term loosely).  They are attempting to depict 9/11 as an "inside job!"  Read here, but have a barf bag nearby.  This is a sickening tactic.  It desecrates the graves of the victims of this horrible and evil act.  It is a seditious and heinous libel against those who are fingered as the "actual" villains of 9/11.  It is beyond shameful; it is beyond offensive; it is beyond immoral.

I cannot help but conclude that this latest offense to humanity is politically motivated to cause the "surrender ASAP" Democrats to come into power.  These people allege that The Project for a New American Century, a conservative think-tank, engineered the whole thing, with either a wink or active assistance from the White House and the CIA.  Bill Kristol, a commentator who I respect, heads up this organization.  Hereís their web site.  So these people actually expect me to believe that conservative pundits caused 9/11?  As a law professor, quoted in the article said, "After every major crisis, like the assassinations of JFK or Martin Luther King, weíve had conspiracy theorists who come up with plausible scenarios for gullible people. Itís a waste of time."

What is truly infuriating is that these scientists, who are engaged in libel, call themselves "Scientists for Truth."  Well folks, here is the truth about 9/11:

  • Large Jet Airplanes filled with fuel, which is essentially Kerosene, hit the twin towers, and also the Pentagon.  All of the impacts were caught on tape.
  • The "puffs of smoke" projecting from the towers as they collapsed were dust clouds.  When you compress a floor, the air that is there has to go somewhere.  It, along with the dust stirred up by a million tons of falling buildings, was forced out the windows.
  • Kerosene does not have to completely melt the steel in order to cause failure.  It is more than enough to cause the floors to lose part of their strength.  Remember that the WTC floors were part of the superstructure of the towers.  The heat from Kerosene alone is over 2000 degrees farenheit.  Remember that the furniture, carpets, etc., also caught fire, and those items burned hotter than the kerosene.  That is enough to detach the floors from the outer walls,
  • The North Tower visibly listed above the crash point for minutes before falling.  There are video images of this.  There is radio traffic calling for firemen to evacuate the North Tower because of this listing.  The South Tower also listed above its crash point, but for a shorter time -- the plane hit that building lower, making it fall faster from the added weight above the crash point.
  • The amount of explosives that would be needed for a controlled demolition would have taken months to install, and would have left conspicuous wires, drill points and the like.  No conspiracy theorist accounts for this.
  • The Pentagon was hit the same day, and the outer three rings collapsed above their crash points.  Was this also an inside job?
  • Why did Flight 93 get hijacked?  Why risk the possible failure of the conspiracy solely for cover?

The inanity of these horrid allegations is outstripped only by their insanity.  Let us hope that all of these crackpots are shamed.  Donít force their silence.  Just discredit their rantings with the real truth.  Let everyone know how shamefully, politically deluded these people are.