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Stupid Law Tricks

Stupid Law Tricks

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  • Even the Democrats Get One Right -- Occasionally
    Once upon a time, the courts of this country were hostile to arbitration agreements -- clauses in contracts where the parties elect to settle disputes by binding arbitration instead of the court system.  Congress, in the early 20th century, ... By John F. Tamburo, Sunday, January 31, 2010
  • Hotels and NOAA Sued, Lawyer Jokes Justified
    I am an avid student of the law.  I read every law-related article; I read new judicial decisions; I take keen interest in the law and how itís applied.  Last week, I was torn as the Congress moved closer to reining in class action lawsuits ... By John F. Tamburo, Tuesday, February 15, 2005
  • Gagging the Lawyers
    In New Jersey, attorneys are arguing for the right to argue.  Right now, there is a proposed rule change that would eliminate oral argument in all non-appellate civil cases.  Letís be specific about what is being discussed.  When ... By John F. Tamburo, Monday, December 6, 2004
  • Dodging a Legal Bullet? No, it's still flying!
    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to order a lower court to allow a lawsuit by -- get this -- whales and dolphins -- against our President.  OK, that sounds as if it is a reasonable and wise decision.  I beg to differ.  ... By John F. Tamburo, Friday, October 22, 2004