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Mondale II -- Here it Comes, but Make Sure you Vote!

Mr. Kerry is losing ground rapidly in this election.  With 12 days to go, our President is building to a double-digit lead in many polls, and the internals in the polls where Mr. Kerry is running more closely make internal assumptions that seem, in light of the 2002 elections and the present climate, to be fundamentally flawed.  As Rush Limbaugh has accurately noted all this week, President Bush is on the campaign trail, moving in a calm and confident manner, while Mr. Kerry is going to states that should be solidly Democratic (eg. Wisconsin, Oregon, Michigan) and appealing to his putatively "core" constituencies (eg. Women, Jewish, African-Americans).

As the days until the election tick off, the Security Moms have given President Bush a solid lead among married women, and perhaps the lead among all women.  African Americans are giving our President double the support he received, as a percentage of the group, in 2000.  Jewish voters realize that our President is a true best friend of Israel, and a true enemy of terrorism.  They know, as do the Security moms, that terrorism can never be tolerated as a "nuisance!"  Even Seniors know that President Bush will never destroy Social Security; in fact, his reforms portend to make future retirees part of the "wealthy" income earning class that Mr. Kerry wants to tax into oblivion.  President Bush is confident for a reason.

This election is turning into Mondale 1984 Redux.  Our President is wildly popular, maybe not in the wine-and-brie crowds in the urban parts of the coasts, or in the gilded halls of Europe, but with real Americans who love America.  Kerry strikes out with his proposed de facto turnover of American sovereignty to the U.N., a place where Libya’s delegate chairs the Human Rights Commission!  He wants to subject our troops and leaders to an international criminal court, in a world that hates us!  Our President will not cede our sovereignty in that vile manner, knowing that the prospect of fairness toward us is nil.  Real Americans who love America see this and realize that our President is a great man who loves this country.

Now, with that said, should we relax?  No!  We need to vote.  Every Conservative and Libertarian needs to vote for President Bush, and vote Republican for all open congressional seats.  Yes, Illinoisans, we need to vote for Alan Keyes!  We need to make this a high turnout election, because Kerry’s core is unlikely to turn out in large numbers.  We need to vote.  We need to give President Bush and the GOP a landslide win and a mandate.  Why?  If for no other reason, let’s show up the leftists, who have mounted the most scurrilous and consistent attack ever engaged against a sitting U.S. President.

The five phony National Guard stories, Farenheit 9/11, Woodward’s book, Clark’s, book, Kelley’s book, the 9/11 Commission, you name it.  Attack after attack after attack after attack.  No luck!  I have already written about the desperation of these people as their power evaporates.  Is this article a little redundant?  Of course it is.  The point is simple:  Vote, Vote, Vote!  If we relax, turnour may drop and we may not get our President the mandate he needs.  If we vote Republican up and down the ticket, then the result will be a manifest landslide, and an era of incredible prosperity, safety and goodness.