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Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Tidal Wave Aftermath

We are awestruck at the power of earthquakes and water.  We are terribly saddened by the horrific death toll caused by the undersea quake and the Tsunami (tidal waves) caused by it.  We as people must pray for the survivors, that they will not be stricken by disease and that they will find comfort from God in this time of natural tragedy.  We as people must unite and mobilize to offer whatever help we can, in the form of food, potable water, medical help, cleanup and, where needed, adoption of orphans.

I have every confidence that we will react with the typical American compassion, which means that there will be a staggering outpouring of help from all levels.  Just remember that it is not the job of the United States Government to help.  Itís your job, my job, and the job of the people.  Charity is from the individualís heart, and is for the individualís spiritual edification.  So letís show the world how we can love others.