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The GOP's Springtime

January 20, 2005 marks the beginning of springtime for the GOP.  Our mandate-backed president commences his second term, and the newer, larger GOP caucuses warm up their congressional seats.  Harry Reed, Tom Daschleís successor as Senate minority (futility?) leader, has already made a grand non-specific threat against the nuclear option if it is used to thwart leftist obstruction of any of Wís judicial nominees.  The threat is toothless, because the same nuclear option that forecloses filibustering judicial nominees will work to foreclose all filibustering.  The GOP has responded with the confident silence that telegraphs their readiness to do what is needed to obey their mandate.

Springtime is here, with the fragrant flowers of personal independence sprouting up. The first fruit will be Social Security reform, which will conservatively triple oneís retirement benefits, while not depriving any current retiree of a single cent.  The likely result will be a massive economic boom, which will erase the deficit with higher revenues.  The awesome rain of judicial restraint will fall upon the fertile Senate as W renominates all of the filibustered nominees, bringing diversity, both racial/ethnic and ideological, to the Federal bench.

"The normally paranoid Congress will be bold and happy, backed by the mandate of a clear majority of the people and of the states."

The normally paranoid Congress will be bold and happy, backed by the mandate of a clear majority of the people and of the states.  The Congress will ignore the naysayers and enact the reforms, knowing that the people will see the benefits before the mid-term elections.  The chirping birds of freedom and prosperity will fly about inside the Beltway, and with the prosperity brought about by the new capital from the private retirement accounts and the resulting economic benefits of capital investment and innovation, the birds will lay golden eggs of increased freedoms.  People will be freed from the bondage of public schools where it is a crime to mention God, but is no problem at all to produce an illiterate non-functional graduate.  They instead will be armed with vouchers, paying their way into excellent schools.  Their children will emerge, educated, knowledgeable and invested in our country.

The sunshine of freely-elected Republican government will brightly illuminate the Middle East.  Afghanistan is free!  Iraq is free!  Soon, Iran, Syria and others will enjoy the same freedom.  The bright light of freedom always vaporizes the vampire of tyranny.  Our country is safe because of the vigilance of the GOP and those to whom theyíve entrusted our safety.  Draconian security measures were unneeded, because the people in general love this country, and were and are loyal and vigilant.

The country sees the springtime and has reacted.  On election day, the stock market hovered at 10,000 to 10,040.  Right now, it hovers about 600 points higher, and has toyed with 11,000 points.  CBS has fired those who manufactured the false story about the Presidentís national guard service.  The deficit is going down, thanks to our Presidentís tax cuts, which have generated real, sustainable economic growth.  Expect those tax cuts to be extended and increased.  The bitter few who try to excise God out of every part of our lives have experienced far more defeats than victories.  Why?  The people have read the Declaration of Independence and the writings of the founders, and realize from Whom the strength of this country emanates.

These are indeed wonderful times.  Our springtime is here and it is warm, beautiful and promising.  Letís be thankful to God and enjoy it.