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If John Kerry and Barbara Boxer were to be believed, Condoleeza Rice is a lying traitor who deserves nothing but prison time for deceiving the American people.  Of course, they are the only two Senate Foreign Relations Committee members who voted against the nomination of this remarkable woman to be the second consecutive Afircan-American Secretary of State.  This follows racist cartoons depicting Dr. Rice as Aunt Jemima and a parrot, a recent article by a white man decrying Dr. Riceís blackness, and the deafening silence of NAACP and NOW to these blatantly racist and sexist attacks.

As Rush said on the 18th, to the normally-quietly racist liberals, open racism is appropriate when directed toward a minority who is conservative.  Even African-American activists like Al Sharpton engage in these racist comments.  The "Skinfolk not kinfolk" crack is meant to say that if a black person is not a left-wing liberal, that person is not "really" black.  To them, it means nothing that one of Dr. Riceís childhood friends was blown up in a church by Democratic-party bigots in 1963 Birmingham, Alabama.  It means nothing to accuse her of stupidity, even though she has a brilliant academic record that would shame her detractors.

This conduct enrages me, especially so close to Dr. Kingís birthday.  Everyone says that conservatives are crotchety and grumpy, but all of the negativity I hear comes solely from the left, whose racism is exposed to all; whose intolerance to conservatism gives lie to their supposed tolerance of all; whose insane powerlust gives lie to their supposed agenda of personal liberty.  Conservatives do what liberals preach should be done.  The cabinet of our president is the most diverse in history, by an appreciable margin over the last Democratic president.

But I digress.  This racism deserves condemnation.  More examples: Dr. Rice remarked that the tsunami disaster in South East Asia was a "great chance" to show the hearts of the American people and government.   That remark is being described as a blunder?  If John Kerry would have made the remark, not a word would be spoken.  If Dr. Rice says it, her words are twisted to suggest that she was applauding the tsunami!  What insanity!

This Rice-ism makes me sick.