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Another Promise Kept

Last weekend, the Iraqi people held a free and fair election.  Turnout was huge, even in light of the terrorist rebelsí extravagant threats of violence.  Big deal?  You bet!  Two years ago, this country was led by a despot that rivalled Hitler and Stalin in terms of oppression and sheer brutality.  The despotís sons killed people for kicks.  Women were brutally oppressed along with all kind of dissent from the despotís rule.  While the elite left gripes and groans about "weapons of mass destruction," which by the way I maintain still exist and were smuggled out of the country, they forget that unseating the brute was clearly listed in the text of the Congressional war authorization.

"Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-338) expressed the sense of Congress that it should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove from power the current Iraqi regime and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime;"  Senate Resolution 45.

Now the second country in the hotbed of terrorism that is the Middle East has become a freely elected Republic.  Last week, elite leftists whined that we should pull out troops now (Edward "Ted" kennedy), and wondered if the "insurgents" (please letís call a tiger a tiger -- they are terrorists) would cause massive deaths.  Rush, Hannity and others correctly posited that the Democrats were trying hard to cause a disaster in Iraq for its election day.  Thank God, nothing of the sort occurred.  Women voted, and will in all likelihood be seated in public office when this election is fully counted.

"What a stunning victory for George W. Bush!  ... Our President has, as per usual, kept another promise."

What a stunning victory for George W. Bush!  The other side is, as Eileen Byrne of WLS-AM observed, reduced again to asking the tired old questions of where the WMDís and Osama are hiding.  Our President has, as per usual, kept another promise.  However, our Presidentís victory pales in comparison to the victory of the people of this country, who are now free!  Freedom is a wonderful thing.  Our President has wisely reasoned that the people of the Middle East love freedom just as much as any other on Earth.  He concluded that the opposition to freedom rested in the heart of the extremist terrorists that pollute the governments.  Two times he acted in reliance of the peopleís desire for freedom; two times he has been right-on.  In fact, every time he relies on the peopleís need for freedom, he will be right-on.

It is true that the elitists want W to lose this war, in order to discredit his policies.  At this rate they will be irrelevant for more than a generation.  The elite lefties here are not the only ones who are quaking in their boots.  No matter what they say in public, there is fear in the capitols of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and any other place where terrorists are given welcome.  They do not have to merely fear of our troops.  Once we get in there, we turn power over to the people, and that is the end of their extremist doctrine.  Far from turning the clock back to the 10th century, the Middle East is progressing nicely into the 21st.

Another promise kept.  Another nation turns free.  Question for the left:  And this is bad because...?