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Are the terrorists toying with us?

The picture you see at the left was posted at about 3:00PM EST on a web site known to carry terrorist threats from Iraq.  This picture is purported to be that of an American soldier, captured by the terrorist thugs that claim to be "insurgents." 

The picture was accompanied by a statement:  "God willing, we will behead him if our female and male prisoners are not released from U.S. prisons within the maximum period of 72 hours from the time this statement has been released," the statement said.

Well, at first blush, the AP report about this capture seems somber.  However, as our dear friend Drudge has just reported, there is reason to refrain from worry.  First, the soldier, defined as "John Adam" by the terrorist thugs apparently is not recorded as missing by the United States armed forces.  Looking at the picture, there are no visible military insignia, and the "soldier’s" ID card is not shown.  These facts were duly noted in the AP story.

There is, however, much much more.  Matt Drudge, exposer of Dan Rather, scooper of scoopers, the man with "da Newz," has given us the ammunition to show the facts.  Apparently, the terrorists have been toying with us.

Have a look to the right.  Meet Dragon Models USA’s "Special Ops" trooper doll.  Look familiar?  Look up again!  Maybe there is a reason that the U.S. Military has not had a soldier reported missing.  Time to check the PX for inventory shrinkage, or for shipments to Iraq!

Still unsure?  Maybe you need a "heads up" closeup:Aside from a little dirt, and an artfully painted islamic banner, the "soldier" is a toy.  If one looks carefully, one can see that the "concrete wall" upon which the toy was placed is a cinder block wall, and is of the proper scale for a doll, not a human being.

"What wonderful news!  The terrorist thugs are reduced to capturing action figures."

What wonderful news!  The terrorist thugs are reduced to capturing action figures.  Yet another blow to those who say that the war is amoral and/or unjust.  We’re fighting terrorists over there, and we’ve succeeded to the point that an election went very well in Iraq, and in order to attempt to boost thug morale, they stage a phony soldier capture, using a toy.  Thank God that the bad guys are reduced to capturing polyvinyl chloride.

Special thanks to The Drudge Report,, for posting these awesome pictures!