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Nancy Pelosi: Too Right Wing for Democrats?

The above title is not a joke.  Nancy Pelosi is facing flak from her San Francisco constituency, accusing her of being too right-wing for their tastes.  I kid you not.  The socialist / near-communists in that area think that Pelosi is a right-winger for voting in favor of the Iraq War, and for supporting legislation allowing private development in Presidio National Park.  Pelosiís staff pooh-poohed the critics, saying that it is indicative of the leftism of the San Francisco region.

Letís make it clear:  Nancy Pelosi is the most liberal member of the Congress, by a healthy margin.  She makes John Kerry, the most liberal senator, look like Ronald Reagan.  Donít believe me, look at her voting record.  She has never met a tax increase or a governmental program she did not like, except for school vouchers.  Listen to her rhetoric in her post State of the Union whine.

It is symbolic of the fractiousness of the Democratsí extreme left base that they attack their most loyal Congressional representative for being too "conservative."  Why?  Because Nancy Pelosi does not hate America sufficiently to refuse to defend her against the worst living despot since Hitler?  Because Nancy Pelosi decides that her rich friends, many of whom are socialist liberals, ought to be able to build their cabins in Presidio?  The ultra-extreme left has claimed complete ownership of the Democratic party.  In doing so, they have driven virtually all moderates to the GOP.

"Even though they have achieved a total victory in terms of party control, the lefties continue to fight amongst themselves."

Even though they have achieved a total victory in terms of party control, the lefties continue to fight amongst themselves.  Look at the attacks shot at 2008 presidential shoe-in Hillary Clinton for her less-than-enthusiastic support of abortion.  Hillary did not advocate diluting any law; she did not advocate the partial-birth ban; she certainly did not advocate the overturn of Roe v. Wade!  She merely spoke of abortion as tragic.  Any conservative who heard the speech without first hearing the socialist media spin would have certainly thought nothing of it.  Nonetheless, Mrs. Clinton was excoriated by the extremists in the party, and had to backtrack only days later.

Nancy Pelosi and every leader of the Democratic party will have to keep on moving even further to the left, or they will lose their Congressional rides by losing their lunatic fringe base.  However, they then also risk losing their rides by alienating the moderates in their districts.  I used to be upset at their kooky comments; I now pity elected Democrats.  Their base is pulling them by the nose, right over the edge of the cliff, into the canyon of oblivion.