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How Hatred Distorts Reality

Ward Churchill hates America.  He hates every American who does not also hate America.  He truly hates George W. Bush.  Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!  To quote this person directly:  "U.S. out of the world!  U.S. out of our lives! U.S. on the ash pile of History!"  Ward Churchill is a purveyor of propaganda, a hatemonger that would leave Goebbels speechless with his warped vision of that which is supposed to be true.  As we will now show, Ward Churchillís hatred for this country has warped his perception of reality and caused him to draw every possible -- and impossible -- conclusion against us, in order to portray us as demonic aggressors and the terrorists who attacked us on September 11 as victims.

"Churchill refers to the World Trade Center terror victims as "little Eichmanns," a sickening comparison to the genocidal Nazi war criminal."

Churchill refers to the World Trade Center terror victims as "little Eichmanns," a sickening comparison to the genocidal Nazi war criminal.  He constantly refers to 500,000 dead children in Iraq as our doing, apparently because of our sanctions per se.  His hatred ignores the documented fact that Saddam Hussein stole the money that was to feed these kids and redirected it into weapons and opulent palaces.  Churchillís (I think that Winston Churchill must be retching in Heaven over this horrible misappropriation of his venerable surname) warped reality also ignores that the terrorists who attacked us were Saudi Arabian, and made no mention of Iraq.  Their stated attack agenda was more along the lines of revenge for our support of Israel, as well as their determination to cause America to leave the Middle East completely alone.

Churchill denies that he justified the killing of innocent people in his essay, entitled "Some People Push Back."  However, that denial does not jibe with the reality of stating that September 11, 2001 was, as he admittedly paraphrased Malcom X, "chickens coming home to roost."  Chirchill excoriated my brethren in the punditocracy for misrepresenting him, saying,  "Nowhere in there did I justify the killing of innocent people.  Those words are not there."  Churchill painfully parses his words in order to dilute their seditious import.  However, his sophistry is not availing to me.

Now, here is the truly disgusting part:  Ward Churchill is a professor at the University of Colorado.  He has resigned as the chair of the universityís ethnic studies department.  However, he is still on staff.  Bill Owens, the governor of Colorado, has called for Churchill to be dismissed. The Colorado state legislature has officially denounced Churchill via resolution.  The University is investigating, and may just fire "professor" Churchill.

In an effort to keep his hateful distortions active, Churchill has entered Federal Court, demanding that the University do nothing to keep him from speaking his mind.  This includes, apparently, firing him for his treason.  The lawsuit was spurred when the University initially refused to allow this hatemonger to spew his vitriol on our young people.  The lawsuit was filed, the university relented, Churchill spoke.  Then, he pressed his claim with a motion for a court order to keep the university from further "infringement" of his free speech rights.

I pity this person, whose hatefulness and pessimism have turned him into a truly bitter little man.  Frankly, however, I think that the idea that he should be entitled to Federal relief to force the taxpayers to give him an undeserved living is beyond the pale.  I think that he has no Constitutional right to speak to assemblies at the University.  He can go get a soapbox and peddle his garbage on the street corners, if anyone will listen to his garbage.  I think that the University is well within its rights to fire this traitor for saying the evil things he did.  To me, treason, in this case giving the enemy aid and comfort with vile words, is a form of moral turpitude.  If the president of the Vermont Teddybear company can be forced to resign from the board of a hospital for releasing a Valentineís Day teddybear in a straitjacket called "crazy about you," then certainly the people of Colorado have the right to demand that this person not be allowed near their children.

Ward Churchill has no perception of reality, and has allowed this raging hatred to fill his heart and warp his viewpoint of everything.  This man needs help.  What he does not deserve is a cushy job teaching his disgusting Hitleresque hatred to the young people (wrongly) entrusted to his care.