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Defending Missile Defense

"If you didnít do anything until you could do everything, you probably wouldnít do anything."  -- Donald Runsfeld to Sen. Hillary Clinton, after being grilled on Missile Defense.  Our Secretary of Defense is correct to say that we are proceeding towards a day when we will have missile defense capabilities.  With North Korea claiming to have nukes, and Iran working on both nukes and ICBM capabilities, the ability to repel a limited missile attack is becoming vital.  Two decades ago, Ronald Reagan saw missile defense as a means to allow us to protect ourselves without the need to proliferate thousands of nukes.  Now, missile defense is an integral part of the war on terror.

"Talking about missile defense helped bring about the demise of the Soviet Union!  Now, implementing it gives us security against wacko terrorists."

Talking about missile defense helped bring about the demise of the Soviet Union!  Now, implementing it gives us security against wacko terrorists.  Nonetheless, the Democratic party screams out in agony every time SDI is mentioned.  They naysay our abilities.  They think weíre unable to produce this technology.  They seem to forget that we have put men on the moon, a permanent station into orbit, and have created technologies that would boggle Reaganís 1983 mind, like cell phones that weigh one ounce, wireless computers that could transfer the entire contents of a 1983-era PC hard drive in two minutes, and bombs that fall out of a plane and fly themselves into targets with accuracy measured in inches.

But, again, that is not the real problem.  The problem has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with the socialist leftist mindset that America can do no good.  In the 80s, they hated the idea of putting the Soviets, whose country system of totalitarianism is more to their taste than the American Republican system, on the ropes.  Nonetheless, a pair of Polish nationals, one a pope and the other an electrical worker, kicked a snowball down the hill.  Reagan used SDI to speed up that snowball, and the Soviet Union is no more.

SDI is critical to our countryís war on terror.  Sooner or later, terrorists will wiggle through the Swiss Cheese security of soviet missile silos, and will send a missile or two right at us.  SDI, when implemented, will protect us.  SDI gives us the ability to aggressively fight terror in Iran, even if they come up with ICBM technology to deliver nukes.  If we eliminate the nuclear deterrent of tinpot dictators with a few bombs, we can attack and clean up with impunity.  I donít worry about someone with 10,000 nukes, I worry about the guy with just one.  SDI helps me not to worry.

As for Hillary Clintonís unpatriotic attack on Donald Rumsfeld, she suffers from the inability to believe in America.  Thank God that Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush do not.