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Rush Limbaugh

Conservativity is proud to induct the man to whom we, along with all of the conservative punditry and blogosphere, owe our existence:  Rush Limbaugh III, of Cape Giradeau, Missouri.  Before Mr. Limbaugh, the conservative viewpoint was belittled and ridiculed by virtually everyone in the media.  People who did not adhere to the position that the government was there to lead the people by the hand through life were thought of as uneducated and backward, intellectually-challenged buffoons who had not the intelligence to see that the socialist position was the only one that made "ultimate sense."

Rush Limbaugh is the man who changed all that.  Starting on the west coast in 1988, Rush began his stream-of-consciousness approach to conservative education, and used his intellect to properly and completely air the conservative credo.  Expanding on the statements and philosophy of his own personal hero, Ronald W. Reagan, Rush took on the left.  Whereas some others in the conservative movement were willing to give ground to liberals on certain points, Rush would have none of that.  No liberal position or foible went to the wayside.  Everything was challenged, not with vitriol or namecalling (although the left liberally [pun intended] hurled this false accusation), but rather with common sense and detailed analysis.

Rush is also adept at using humor to get his point across  One look at his web site will find Ted Kennedy photos, every one adorned with diving goggles and snorkel.  Senator Kennedy is called "swimmer" on the show, a completely unsubtle stab at the Chappaquidick incident that left Mary Jo Kopechne dead.  Former president Clinton is referred to as "Slick Willie," or when talking about the Clintonís heavyhanded control of the Democratic National Committee, "Don Clintoleone."

"I personally believe that Rush was the primary opinion force that fought back the hate-filled attack of the left in the 2004 elections."

But none of the above signifies the impact that Rush has on American Politics.  I personally believe that Rush was the primary opinion force that fought back the hate-filled attack of the left in the 2004 elections.  I believe that Rush Limbaugh is the primary reason that our President was re-elected with a mandate, even after 15 months of non-stop below-the-belt attacks by the left wing and the left wing media elitists.  I have repeatedly compared conservatism as light and liberalism as a vampire.  Well, Rush Limbaugh is our brightest light, and he vaporizes vampires every weekday.

How is that possible?  Well for starters, since 1988, Rush has grown from one station to hundreds, and is the most listened radio personality in history.  Even when he took hiatus from his program to combat an addiciton to prescription painkillers, his show did not fall off in the ratings; when he came back he was (and continues to be) bigger than ever.  Through all of this, one would expect Rush to be something of a curmudgeon.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rush has a show that is permeated with optimism.  Rush believes that we are capable of running our own lives.  He believes that we are the ones who should rightfully control our own lives.  He says, and acts, it everyday.  Because of Rush Limbaugh III, the conservative movement is enjoying a renaissance the likes of which it has never seen.  Rush is proud to be a conservative, and proudly leads us all to victory in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people.

We proudly induct Rush Limbaugh into our hall of Legendary Conservatives.