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Treason in Brooklyn

Sixth grade students at a JHS 51 school in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY sent PFC Rob. Jacobs, a soldier serving us in Korea, not Iraq, a pile of letters.  Upon receipt, the private was thrilled that he was sent mail.  Then he made the mistake of reading the letters.  These letters accused the private of murdering civilians and "destroying holy places like mosques," and challenged the soldier to name one terrorist.  One student wrote, "I strongly feel this war is pointless." Another predicted that because Bush was re-elected, "only 50 or 100 [soldiers] will survive."  The uniformity of these horrible things, sent to harass a heroic soldier who has placed his life on the line to protect ours, lead me to personally believe that the teacher indoctrinated these students in these America-hating evil thoughts.

"Alex Kunhardt had his students write to Jacobs as part of a social-studies assignment.  He put these people up to demoralize this hero."

Alex Kunhardt had his students write to Jacobs as part of a social-studies assignment.  He put these people up to demoralize this hero.  It is also not unreasonable to conclude that he intended to demoralize PFC Jacobsí entire unit.  Mr. Kunhardt and the school board have apologized.  However, itís simply not enough.  One may express his opinion in public.  That is what the First Amendment protects.  This mail harassment definitely violates United States criminal law, and I believe the teacher should be prosecuted for conspiring to use the mails for the purpose of harassment.  Furthermore, the letters can easily be construed as an attempt to demoralize our troops, and therefore an attempt to give aid and comfort to our enemies.  That should also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I am sick and tired of those evil people who hate this country and everything for which it stands, yet attempt to take advantage of every right and privilege we have.  Some of their garbage is protected by the Constitution, as it should be, to ensure our rights.  However, this action is certainly NOT protected, and I think that law enforcement should step in and vigorously prosecute those responsible for abusing the U.S. Mail to harass a serving combat soldier.

This teacher, and perhaps the harassing students, appear to have violated 18 USC ß 2388 by harassing soldiers and thus "interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies...", and since the United States Mail was used to transmit the harassing content, 18 USC ß 1717, which prohibits the use of the mail to transmit anything that violates Sec. 2388.  The first offense carries twenty years, the second, ten years.

Ann Coulter has said that liberals constantly hide behind the First Amendment to justify their outrageous conduct and cut off all criticism.  How true.  In this case, the First Amendment simply does not apply.  These young students, either misguided or miscreant, have actively helped the terrorists who wish to destroy us.  We need to send the message that the First Amendment is not limitless.  We need to reassert the rule of law.