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The Rest of the World Hates Bush -- So Vote for Him!

In the October 22, 2004 issue of the Chicago Tribune, Georgie Anne Geyer writes an op-ed piece.  In that piece she notes that 73% of the world, according to a poll taken by five diverse newspapers outside the USA, thinks that the United States of America wields a disproportinate amount of international power.  John Kerry, the candidate that wants to "pass the global test" (debate #1), is overwhelmingly favored over our President in nations like France.  Ms. Geyer also prominently mentions that "some British commentators are openly questioning President Bush’s mental stability."  Well, as for me, I cannot think of any better reason to turn out in droves and vote for President Bush than this commentary.

Why on Earth am I saying this?  Well, frankly, I think that the opinions of many of these elitist leftists are based not on any real defect in our President (on the contrary, we’re blessed with one of the sanest and smartest leaders in history).  It is instead based on jealousy.  These countries are jealous of our inventiveness, our prosperity, our low taxes, our self-reliance, our independence, our freedoms, our productivity, the beauty of our land, our military might and our repeated demonstration of power more than sufficient to bail them out of their own nasty wars.  Ms. Geyer exhorts us to heed their warnings and dump our President, in essence placing American lips squarely on the behind of the Euro-elites to whom Mr. Kerry seems lustfully ready to give American obeisance.

Had we not entered World War II (remember that leading up to Pearl Harbor, there was a significant anti-war movement in this country), the French would be part of greater Germania, the Soviets would be in power and skirmishing with Nazis in what is now a free Eastern Europe, and the Nazi swastika would be flying from Cape Horn in the South to the English Channel in the west to St. Petersburg in the east.  Japan attacked us, but fortunately for the Europeans, Hitler and Mussolini were too stupidly eager, in their über-leftist fascist world view, to join in and declare war on us.  With no European theatre, would simply have beaten Japan by 1943 or 1944 and would have retreated to our own world.

European elitists recognize and (perhaps even subconsciously) hate that they exist because of our help; we sacrificed millions of our citizens to beat back the evil that occupied them.  At this time, an equal evil, terrorism, is actively seeking to drive the Middle East back to the 8th century, and to destroy all that stand in its way.  Unlike the Nazis, who had incredible scientific prowess and used it to build everything from the jet engine to the basic design of the reckets that eventually put Americans on the Moon, these terrorists glom onto our technology and turn it against us.  But, unlike 1941, where the French were somewhat grateful for our help in driving the Nazis out and wiping them out of Germany forever, they and the Germans are hostile to our efforts to eradicate terrorists.

Ms. Geyer acts as if the United States owes its existence to the Europeans, and we are arrogantly ungrateful.  She makes the usual cuts against our President’s speaking style, utterly ignoring his successes and his Harvard MBA.  She furthermore laments that the only foreign countries where our President enjoys wide popular support are Russia and Israel, and derisively (and more than a tad anti-semitically) alleges it is because they are trying to cover up their "repression" of Palestinians and Chechens.  Hello?  Last I checked, the people of Israel deal regularly with Palestinian terrorist acts, including suicide bombers whose families received financial reward from ex-dictator-now-jailbird Saddam Hussein!  Last I checked, the Russians were dealing with Chechen terrorists.  Perhaps these people, who have, like us, experienced firsthand terrorism (Hey Georgie Anne, do you remember September 11, 2001) and know an ally in their efforts when they see one.

She also mentions that the British occupation of Southern Iraq is smoother than the American occupation of the North.  Of course it is.  The rebels and the Baath/Al Qaeda terrorists are concentrated in the North.  She laments that we are becoming "isolated" in the world.  Apparently the dozens of countries in that coalition, which includes Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom, are not isolating us.  Our president knows that these evil whack-jobs understand one and only one thing.  He is bringing it to them and now they cannot bring it to us.  So the world wants us to dump our President so that John Kerry can suck up to them and turn our armed forces over to the jelly-spined U.N.

Well, God willing, that will not happen.  Then, when we and our allies drive the terrorists our of the Middle East and out of Russia and out of Israel, and they regroup in France and Germany, we’ll see how much they hate America then.