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Who Cares if Geena Davis will be a TV President?

I do not care one iota about Geena Davisí upcoming role on ABC-TV where she is the first female President.  I do not care one iota that Ms. Davis is a left-wing liberal Democratic activist.  I do not care that Jimmy Smits is likely to take over as the president on The West Wing.  I have never watched that piece of propaganda, and never will.  I do not care if this Geena Davis vehicle is some sort of subliminal Hillary Clinton commercial.  The GOP could run an actual elephant for President in 2008 and still win.  My personal prediction is that we will have a female president elected in í08, but she will be African American and from the GOP, and her last name rhymes with "nice."  You know that this is the case when the left wing of the GOP, aided by terrified libs, plants stories about how Dr. Rice is "qualified," but not "presidential material."

"Hollywood has been angrily flipping the bird at the red states since November 2."

Hollywood has been angrily flipping the bird at the red states since November 2.  Why else would "Million Dollar Baby," in essence a sermon lionizing euthanasia (a favorite lib cause), win the Oscar when pitted against incredibly wonderful films like "Aviator" and "Sideways?"  Why was Mel Gibsonís The Passion of the Christ shut out of the Oscars?  Why did Chris Rockís opening monologue spend the plurality of its time viciously slamming our President?  Because the vast majority of Hollywood hates all people who believe in God, have values, or would dare vote for a Republican!

The reason is simple.  Hollywood needs the dependence of the people just like the governmental elites.  They need it emotionally.  Hollywood exists to serve our wants, not our needs.  We do not need Hollywood to live.  But, the "stars" who provide an unnecessary "service" to the people like to think that their excrement emits no odor, that their ideas are more important than those of the common man.  Thatís why they think that it is a big deal when they stand haughty to announce their position on some issue, usually in support of some immoral, amoral or licentious conduct.  And they think that their ability to memorize lines from a script and deliver them with the intended imitation emotion somehow makes them expert on our lives.

Many of these self-appointed self-aggrandizing experts are rich into the eight- and nine-digits.  Some are paid tens of millions of dollars for one motion picture.  Even the "lesser" movie actors make over $1 million per film.  TV "stars" earn between $30,000 and $1 million per episode.  Soap stars can earn well over $1 million per year.  This uniquely disqualifies these people from understanding the plight of the common man, even if they themselves were once poor.  Nothing erases the memory of poverty faster than a huge bank account.  Money, however, does not equal wisdom.

When it comes to the elitism of the left, Hollywood and the leftists who want to put people into programs that make them dependent upon the government are symbiotic.  The governmental elites see no problem with moral licentousness as long as the people are dependent and will continue to vote for them.  In fact, the liberals tout their support of licentiousness as though it were a support of liberty, which it is not.  They treat the "freedom" to make the government pay for "art" like a crucifix in a jar of urine as important, while decrying the freedom to keep and bear arms, or to utter a prayer on public property, even though the latter two are unambiguously enshrined at the pinnacle of our Bill of Rights.

"Hollywood pushes the moral limits of the people with licentious conduct, usually mixed in with liberal indoctrination."

Hollywood pushes the moral limits of the people with licentious conduct, usually mixed in with liberal indoctrination.  Therein lies the symbiosis with the governmental elites.  Hollywood likes the libs in power letting them get away with this horrid conduct both on-screen and off-screen, while at the same time the libs like Hollywood distracting people from their nefarious efforts to steal our real liberties. 

So now Geena Davis will be on TV, running yet another liberal sermon on the evils of self-sufficiency and decency.  And I donít care.  Why?  Because the people are smarter and wiser than this ribald B.S.  In 2004, after the most intense left-wing attack, led by Hollywood, the press and the Internet, our President won a mandate and increased GOP control over the Congress and state governments.  In fact, there is no future for the Democratic (socialist) party as it is presently constructed.  No amount of liberal attempts at indoctrination will erase the peopleís wisdom.  No amount of TV shows showing Democrats succeeding in Washington will erase the peopleís memories of their actual record of total failure.

Ever wonder why "reality" TV shows like American Chopper, The Apprentice and Overhauliní are so successful?  They all show people being responsible and self-sufficient.  The propaganda has flopped flatly on its face.  The elite socialist leftists are in a desperate search for meaning and power.  And theyíll forget about the meaning if you let íem have power.  The propaganda is failed.  So I donít care if Geena Davis will be President on TV.  Bring her on.  Sheís a pale imitation (no pun intended) of our Next President, Dr. Condoleeza Rice!