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Big Tent v. Small Tent

Two Democratic Senators may join the GOP in supporting our beloved President on Social Security reform.  The names of these brave persons are Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson.  Remember that Joe Lieberman was the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee in 2000.  Now, his own party hates him for not toeing the party line.  In this article, weíll focus on Sen. Lieberman, although most of our commentary will also apply to Sen. Nelson.

Joe Lieberman is a devout, practicing orthodox Jew.  His social views are quite conservative; his outlook is somewhat libertarian.  But, he has been elected three times, and in fact was re-elected Senator while running for V.P. in 2000!  Now, there is a statewide "Dump Joe" effort in place because the man is "too conservative" -- in essence because Senator Lieberman has integrity.  But that is no worry.  The polls in Connecticut show that Sen. Lieberman enjoys about a 67% approval rating from constituents loyal to each party.  So, Sen. Lieberman speaks from a secure position, but to a party that is becoming more and more oppressive with each passing day.

"Sens. Lieberman and Nelson both feel these pressure tactics, especially in the upcoming Social Security fight."

Sens. Lieberman and Nelson both feel these pressure tactics, especially in the upcoming Social Security fight.  In that matter, there will be absolutely no tolerance of what the Dem leadership calls "disloyalty."  Because of his willingness to talk about Social Security, Sen. Lieberman is considered "disloyal."  The extremists accuse him of "betraying his constituency."  Bus isnít his constituency the whole state?  Not to these people, who view the most miniscule non-adherence to the minuitae of the extreme socialist leftist platform of the Democratic party as worse than Benedict Arnoldís betrayal.  Joe Lieberman is no longer a voice of the Democratic party.  It is the party of the Howard Dean extreme leftists.  Socialists rule the roost.  The Democrats are, like other left wingers (communists, Nazis), completely intolerant of dissent, either in thought or deed.  This bodes badly for Sen. Lieberman.

This battle is the Democratsí equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge.  This is their "valiant" (I use that term most loosely) last stand against four decades of utter irrelevancy.  And like the Nazis in the Bulge, if they lose this battle, all is lost.  With the judicial nominee fight now all but certain to result in Dr. Fristís deployment of the Nuclear Option, followed by a mass of new, conservative judges, the last hope that the leftists have to push their views on the people is to obstruct our Presidentís ultimate reform effort.

Were the situation not so dire, The Democrats would still cruelly stifle all dissent.  The Democrats are, for all of their lying about their true agenda, a party that expects you to follow the dogma to the letter or get the heck out.  Are you a pro-life Democrat governing Pennsylvania?  Forget about addressing the party convention!  Forget about any support in later elections!  Watch the former chair of the DNC take over your office!

Sens. Lieberman and Nelson are sensible men, willing to work with our President on Social Security.  Instead of holding out the olive branch of peace, however, the party stalwarts are threatening these men and supporting efforts to lose them their seats.  My suggestion is simple:  Offer these men seats in the open GOP tent.  Letís make it 57-42-1 instead of 55-44-1.  I guarantee theyíll be re-elected, and these men will be able to effectively vote their consciences, on all issues, without the thugism that is marking the initiation of Harry Reidís reign as the shrinking minority leader of the Senate.