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Desperate Fantasies, Complete Lies

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of the 2004 election losing presidential candidate, openly accused the GOP of stealing the 2004 election.  "Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the United States," Mrs. Kerry said, referring to electronic vote counting machines.  She identified these executives as "hard right."  Then, Mrs. Kerry said that it is "very easy to hack into the mother machines."  Of course, Mrs. Kerry offered no evidence whatsoever in accusing these executives of federal crimes.  She then offered her "fear" for the 2006 elections.

"The Democratic party is still in denial.  They deny the fact that the people hate its policies of oppression via entitlements and licentiousness."

The Democratic party is still in denial.  They deny the fact that the people hate its policies of oppression via entitlements and licentiousness.  The people voted.  The people spoke.  They gave George W. Bush a huge victory and a mandate.  They increased the GOP presence in the House, the Senate and in state government.  The Democrats just cannot accept the idea that the people are smarter than to be bribed with handouts from the Treasury.  The Democrats just cannot accept the idea that our President’s message and integrity resonates with the vast majority of the people.

So, they relive the elections of 2000 and 2004, over and over and over and over.  There are those who say that the GOP stole the presidency in 2000, even though three liberal newspapers recounted the Florida votes themselves, and all said that our President got the most votes.  Now, another two national elections have passed, 2002 and 2004, both with the GOP registerig handsome gains.  The people of California ejected their Democratic governor and installed a popular Republican that has seen success bypassing the obstructionist Democrats in the legislature and appealing to the people.

So, now, Theresa Heinz Kerry resorts to accusing two innocent, upstanding executives of hacking their own computers and changing the results of the 2004 election.  That accusation is a libel.  In fact it is what the law calls libel per se -- a lie so naturally horrible that damages are presumed without the plaintiff needing to prove them.  Were I one of these executives, I would undertake to follow Joe Kennedy’s advice to his son John when CBS accused him of using a ghost writer for Profiles in Courage:  "Sue the bastards for $50 million!"  This accusation is a lie accusing them of horrible federal crimes.  I would sue Mrs. Kerry for $1 billion.  Under the law, she would then have to prove that she told the truth, or pay up.

This kind of libelous rhetoric feeds back into the intentionally-altered exit polls on election day.  The Democrats tried to corruptly influence the election by feeding the news organizations exit polls that were stilted to give Kerry a win.  The pundits all had these polls and were somewhat affected.  At the beginning of the night, Fox News’ commentators’ desk looked like a funeral. But, the networks were careful not to call states based on these polls.  Soon, the exit polls came out as total shams, as Drudge had predicted hours before.  Our president won big, and secured a solid mandate for his changes.

"These extreme left tyrants have no choice but to attack, attack, attack."

These extreme left tyrants have no choice but to attack, attack, attack.  They have no substantial policy to offer except to do nothing with Social Security, and for everything else, to tax hard workers and throw their money at programs, in the vain hope that the program will work, or will make the people so dependent on the money that they will vote the Democrats back into power.  Democrats believe that they are a superior race, entitled to power.  Then Robert "KKK" Byrd accuses the GOP of Nazi tactics.  It’s pure projection.  The Democrats’ mindset of entitlement to power is reminiscent of the Nazi "master race" theory.

These are desperate times for the left, and their desperate rhetoric is the last gasp of a mortally wounded animal.  Extreme liberalism is an antiquated and disproven doctrine.  It viciously punished the productive in the name of an illusory "equality" in wealth.  Laziness and dependence are rewarded; innovation and hard work are punished.  Countries with a socialist bent are failing even now.  Germany has a 12.5% unemployment rate, France is close behind.  In fact, in France, they try to force higher employment by cutting the workweek so that the employer has to hire more people in order to be productive.  Socialized medicine is a policy of death by delay (thank God that the people realized the draconian measures that Hillary Clinton tried to implement in order to force the same police-state tactics on our health care system, and voted the GOP into control of the Congress in 1994).

In their desperation, the liberals are resorting to complete lies.  The people, thankfully to God, are not buying this garbage.  Nobody stole the 2004 election; the Democrats’ attempt to demoralize the GOP with altered exit polls, and thus steal the election with lies, flopped.  They are projecting their evil onto the GOP, and it’s not focusing.  Don’t look at Mrs. Kerry’s garbage as anything less than the desperate lies of a disproven and discredited left, trying hard to avoid the upcoming 50 years of irrelevancy they so richly deserve.