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Watching a Trial Implode

I am on record as having said that a celebrity cannot get a fair trial in California since O.J.  In that same article, I stated my personal belief that Michael Jackson is actually innocent of the pedophilia charges against him.  The prosecutionís star witness testified yesterday, and was cross examined today.  Yesterday, the accuser uttered extremely damaging testimony, in fact, probative testimony that Mr. Jackson fondled his brother while masturbating himself.  He claimed to have witnessed this from a hallway adjacent to Mr. Jacksonís bedroom.  All you needed to do is believe the witness.

"If all you heard was yesterdayís direct examination, you would personally offer to throw away the key to Mr. Jacksonís cell door.  Today, however, the defense got its turn."

If all you heard was yesterdayís direct examination, you would personally offer to throw away the key to Mr. Jacksonís cell door.  Today, however, the defense got its turn.  The adult magazine that the child, on direct examination, claimed was shown to them by Mr. Jackson was published months after the last time that the witness visited Mr. Jacksonís home.  The child unconvincingly backpedaled and said that he saw a similar magazine, perhaps an earlier issue.  However, that directly contradicts his direct examination testimony.  Then he admitted lying in another court case (the civil case where his family sued a department store for abuse when the accuser was detained for shoplifting), and admitted that his testimony in court contradicted his deposition testimony.

Believe it or not, there is more.  Mr. Jackson has an alarm system to warn him of an intruder approaching the bedroom where the molestation allegedly took place.  While the prosecution on direct examination tried to allege that the alarm was deactivated, it appears that it cannot be deactivated.  Were the brother where he said he was when he witnessed the alleged molestation, his presence would have triggered the alarm bell.  The brother also appeard to be changing his story about what Jackson did to the accuser.  The defense made note of statements he made to a therapist and the grand jury that put Jacksonís hand on top of the accuserís underwear, rather than inside, or had Jackson touching and rubbing the brotherís buttocks, rather than his crotch.  The brother denied changing his story.

"All in all, this had to be Tom Mesereauís dream cross-examination."

All in all, this had to be Tom Mesereauís dream cross-examination.  I watched, heard or read every word of the O.J. trial, and no witness was so well discredited.  And itís not over; the brother will be on the stand tomorrow as well.  Expect even more incredibly good news for Michael Jackson.

The Michael Jackson trial is going so well for him that I am starting to change my position.  I think that Tom Mesereau has done an outstanding job of not just discrediting, but destroying, the prosecutionís case.  I have said that D.A. Sneddon has been on a vendetta, and abused the Grand Jury to torture Michael Jackson with this trial.  I am more convinced of this than ever.  As I watch this trial, Sneddonís case is imploding.  His star witness is up in week 2, but he plans to have ten more weeks of presentation?  Why?  Is he trying to obfuscate the weakness of his case with irrelevant crap?  Probably.

Were I Mr. Mesereau, I would probably start in with motions for a directed acquittal after every witness.  The only eyewitness has been thoroughly discredited.  His mother is yet to testify, and that cross-examination will make this one look like a field day for Mr. Sneddon.  I am starting to think that Mr. Mesereau has done the impossible.  Weíre in week 2, and it appears impossible for the prosecution to get a conviction.  This is good, because Iím convinced he is actually innocent.