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On top of the Vendetta, now this!

Michael Jackson is short some serious money, in the millions.  He turned his finances over to his brother Randy Jackson (not the same Randy Jackson of American Idol fame).  Suddenly, Randy bought himself a nice home in Miami, and Michaelís payroll was not met for over a week.  Bank of America, which receives payments for Mr. Jacksonís massive music catalog, supposedly sends money directly to Michaelís financial-hawk accountant, but the bills were not paid.

The accountant called Michaelís and Randyís father, who is trying to sort this out.  However, the Neverland operating expenses run $75,000 per week, and there is no money in the bank.  The income came in but it is missing.  Why?  Speculation seems to indicate that Randy has been living high on his brotherís money.  Sources report that there was a massive verbal fight at Neverland when Michael returned home from court yesterday.

This is the last thing that Michael Jackson needs right now.  The skeptics who want to send Michael away because they think he is a "freak" will seize upon this and say that Michael staged a phony embezzlement in order to divert attention away from the trial.  The guy is innocent of the criminal charges; I firmly believe it.  As for the money, I think that someone has taken advantage of his good nature to the tune of millions.