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The Leftest State is in Play!

There is a state way out west with a first-term Republican governor that may tip to our beloved President on November 2.  I know what you are thinking, but I am not talking about California.  On the map, keep going left from California and a little South.  You will come upon the newest battleground state: Hawaii!  Yes, the land to which I plan to retire, won by Mr. Gore in 2000 by a whopping 20 points, is a statistical dead heat, with the polls moving in W’s favor.  The elite leftists took the state with beautiful beaches, yummy pineapples and macadamia nuts, and the world’s best coffee for granted for decades.  Now, the Republican Governor, Linda Lingle, is campaigning hard to gain GOP control over the Hawaii legislature!

What a wonderful world in which we live.  Hawaiians are lining up for our beloved President, whose aggressive war on terror and economic improvement programs have rebounded the Hawaiian tourist industry and yielded an unemployment rate of 3.1%, the nation’s lowest.  As people prosper, veterans (a true Bush constituency) are retiring to our Edenesque state with their GOP-fueled wealth.  As the Democrats looked at Hawaii as an easy lock of four electoral votes, the GOP saw a chjance to make the big tent bigger.

Kudos to Governor Lingle.  Her efforts have taken another state and made it into a battleground.  She saw the liberal gaffe as they utterly ignored her state, and she reacted by winning office in 2002 and planning the present effort to turn the Hawaiian legislature back from the dark side.  I strongly suggest that our beloved President or his VP make a campaign swing to this awesome wonderland and help her complete her mission.  We owe her that.  Why?  Because neither W nor Mr. Kerry have bothered to swing over to Hawaii.  Part of that may seem reasonable from the donkey’s point of view; the state has been solidly donkey since 1988.  However, I think that the trend in this year’s race, with George W. Bush leading and gaining with 10 days to go, means that there will be some Elephants in the Pineapple fields.

To me, that is wonderful, because the state’s soon-to-be-former political atmosphere was the only downside in retiring to a nice beach house on the Big Island.  Of course, some money would help, but as long as W is president, and his party controls Congress, the ability to make a nice living will improve.  Go Hawaii -- for Bush!