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Terri Just got a New Friend!

Terri Schindler Schiavo just got a new friend:  Our Beloved President.  His brother has been Terri’s biggest champion in Florida, fighting to keep her husband, Michael "When is that bitch going to die?" Schiavo, from starving her to death.  Now, our beloved President has expressed his willingness to sign a pending law that would save Terri from this disgusting execution in the guise of ending her "pain and suffering."

"Experts out there say that Terri is not in a persistent vegatative state.  She is, according to them, aware and conscious.  So denying her food and water until she dies is torture."

Experts out there say that Terri is not in a persistent vegatative state.  She is, according to them, aware and conscious.  So denying her food and water until she dies is torture.  The Florida legislature, and the U.S. Congress, have both taken up new bills to protect Terri from being murdered in this fashion.  The gist the state bill is that a person in a persistent vegatative state or higher function cannot have food or water withheld unless their wishes are set forth specifically and in writing.  Terri’s "husband," who has squandered almost $1 million paid to her as a settlement for the accident that disabled her, testified in court that Terri told him once that she did not want to be kept alive artifically.  The Congress’ bill would extend the same federal habeas rights presently given to death row inmates to those who are about to be starved to death under the guise of a "living will."

I soundly applaud our beloved president!  He has again shown both his bravery and wisdom.  He has acted with the utmost concern for human rights, the most important of which is human life.  The Congress will pass the bill and our President will sign it, and Terri’s fight will continue in the Federal courts.  Depending on the habeas standards set forth in the bill, there may even be issued the proper court order in this matter:  A Writ of Habeas Corpus, and an order dissolving the guardianship her "husband" has over her, and releasing it to her parents, who actually care about her.  Then, Terri will have the medical attention to handle her defects, and the therapy that will most likely eliminate the feeding tube.

As for the Florida legislature, the first "Terri’s law" was struck down by the courts.  This second one is very well-written, and I cannot see a Constitutional ground to overturn it.  Remember that a law is presumed Constitutional and the party attacking it must prove that it is not.  Also, Terri’s "husband" probably does not have the money for another round of fighting.

One lover of life has offered Terri’s "husband" $1 million in cash to let her live, and surrender guardianship to Terri’s parents.  Schiavio rejected that offer.  Why?  Probably because, if Terri dies, he can reap a windfall of twenty times that for her "story."  If she lives, even if he has "story rights," they are not worth as much as if she is dead.  Hollywood would not consider her triumph over this injury a happy ending.  To them, the happy ending is the mercy killing ala Million Dollar Baby.

Terri’s new friend is a big help.  When our President signs the new habeas bill, that means that any activist Florida court will not have the final word.  It will go up the chain to the Federal courts, who are more likely to uphold Terri’s civil rights.  Terri’s fight continues!  Thank you, Mr. President!