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Desperate Liberal Lies Pile Up

I have written at length of my wholehearted support of the Nuclear Option to break the unconstitutional filibuster of our beloved Presidentís judicial nominees.  I am heartened by the terror of the leftist racist liberals, who have taken to publicly ranting about the issue.  Barbara Boxer actually came out supporting the notion that no judicial nominee should be put to the bench unless he or she gets three-fifths of the votes.  Robert "Ku Klux Klan" Byrd strongly championed the "Nuke the Nuclear Option" position, as I will discuss below in somewhat more detail.

"I would like to deal with the lies of these desperate, small people one by one."

I would like to deal with the lies of these desperate, small people one by one.  Here we go.

  • Charles Schumer (D-NY) states that the Nuclear Option is the "forerunner to dictatorship."
    But Senator, doesntí the term "dictatorship" connote the dominion of the majority by a tyrannical minority?  The nuclear option and the Constitution require a majority of the Senators that the People duly elected, in their wisdom.  So are you not the one, Senator, who is attempting to act in a dictatorial matter by thwarting the will of the majority?
  • Harry Reid (D-NV), Shrinking Minority Leader: "This is not about judges.  This is about arrogance of power."
    But Senator, are you not arrogantly wielding your power to use a minority to thwart the will of our duly elected President and of the majority of the duly elected senators?  So are you not trying to arrogantly maintain power that the people have decided to take away from you?
  • Robert Byrd (D-Ku Klux Klan) accused the GOP of attempting to pack the courts in a long speech that reminded people of a southern church service.
    But Senator, by your partyís opposition of all these judges, are you not trying to pack the courts with liberals?  Moreover, Senator, has your party not acted every time it was in power to pack every judicial slot with liberals?  Also, Senator, considering your previous membership in a virulently racist organization, are you not a hypocrite of the first order for resisting these nominees, most of whom are women and minorities?
  • Sens. Reid and "Kleagle" Byrd also brought up the allegedly noble tradition of the filibuster and invoked the movie "Mr. Smith goes to Washington."
    But Senators, didnít the character in the movie actually take the Senate floor for over 24 hours?  Isnít your current filibuster tactic absolutely nothing like the movie?  Donít you just say "I filibuster" and not even bother to take or hold the Senate floor?  Arenít you trying to get the benefit of the filibuster without the work of the filibuster?  Senator Byrd, donít you remember the several instances in the 1970s when you threatened the GOP with the Nuclear Option when you wanted to push through legislation?  Arenít you saying that you and your fellow left wing racist liberals when in power have more rights than Conservatives, who are only trying to get more women and minorities on the appellate bench?
  • Many senators, including Reid, spoke of "checks and balances."
    But Senators, doesnít the Constitution define checks and balances?  Arenít these checks and balances between the branches of government?  Isnít the advice and consent role one of checks and balances?  Didnít the people choose the Senators?  Didnít the people choose to elect the GOP to majority power in the Senate?  Where in the Constitution does it say that the minority party is to act as a check on the majority party?
  • Sen. Reid called the Nuclear Option "an arrogant abuse of power."
    But Senator, arenít you in the minority attempting to force the president and the Senate majority to appoint liberal judges?  Are you not saying that conservatives are unfit to serve in the judiciary?  Ar eyou not doing this in order to force your liberal agenda into law by judicial fiat, since the people have rejected that same agenda at the polls?  Since the Constitution does not provide for a supermajority to confirm a judge, are you and your party not the ones who are arrogantly abusing the power of the Filibuster?
  • Sen. Boxer (D-CA) called for a supermajority of three fifths to be required to confirm any judge to any court.
    Senator, I invite you to introduce the appropriate Constitutional amendment and place your proposal before the people.  Then the people will have their say.  Absent that Constitutional Amendmentís ratification, are you not violating your oath of office by trying to impose upon the Constituion a restriction it does not contain?
  • Finally, Sen. Reid threatens to shut down all Senate business, except homeland security and Iraq, if the nuclear option is invoked.
    Senator, do you not think that is an arrogant abuse of power?  Senator, do you review history?  Do you remember that the GOP let the government shut down in 1995/6 and paid a harsh penalty at the polls?  [the following questions inspired by Rush Limbaugh]  Do you think that the people will support you when you block their Social Security checks and food stamps?  Do you think that the people will support you when you block their veterans benefits and the VA hospitals shut down?  Do you think that the people will support you when the lack IDEA money means that special education at public schools stops?  Do you think that the people will support you when they cannot visit national parks and monuments because youíve closed them?
    Senator, is it not time for you to return to reality?  Is it not time to understand that the clear majority of the American people hate your socialist left-wing policies of governmental dependence and boot-on-neck politics?  Is it not time to understand that you were voted out of power not because of a lack of evangelism of your message (see Soros,, Michael Moore, all network news and the print media) but because the people find your policies distateful?  Is it not time to understand that the people voted a larger GOP majority into the Senate in order to thwart your obstructionism?  Is it not time for you and your party to actually stand FOR something rather than against everything?

I would truly like to see answers to these questions.