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Preaching to the Choir?

On Sunday, October 24, 2004, Mr. Kerry was in a Florida black church; Mr. Edwards was in an Ohio black church.  While itís nice to note that both men actually went to church, I think that their attendance had little to do with God.  Instead, Mr. Kerry opened up an incendiary attack on our President, not merely intimating but rather saying outright that the GOP was looking to suppress their votes.  Mr. Edwards attacked our President and his party on a similar line.

This is nothing unusual.  In this campaign season, the elite left has unleashed a barrage of unethical attacks against President Bush, falsely accusing him of everything from vote theft to murder.  Meanwhile Pennsylvania election officials are trying to suppress the military vote (which is highly pro-Bush) while simultaneously allowing thousands of Democrat-creat phony voter registrations to be accepter.  One county in Ohio has more registered voters than residents that are 18 or over!  Sort of like Chicago in 1960, the dead are going to rise up and vote in 2004.

But I digress.  Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards, with nine days before the election, are in black churches trying to energize their base.  Why?  Because, no matter what the stilted polls say, they are losing and they know it.  Twice as many African-Americans, as a percentage of the whole, are voting for Mr. Bush this year, according to polls.  Moreover, these polls are usually biased toward the elitist left.  Itís also apparent that Mr. Kerryís obvious near-racist neglect of the democratsí strongest base has cost him dearly.  Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Clarence Page has noted that the Democrats have taken the African-American vote for granted.  The GOP has shown that the dems are the true party of tokenism and racism, while they are still the party that went to war to give the black person freedom.

In fact, Mr. Bush is no tokenizer.  His Secretary of State, third in succession behind Mr. Cheney, is Colin Powell.  His highest security adviser is Condoleeza Rice.  Mr. Bush has the most ethincally and racially diverse cabinet in history.  He doesnít give lip service to equality.  He openly practices it.  The end result is an energized larget minority of black Americans who will vote Bush, and a ho-hum majority that feels that the ultra-libs have neglected them.  Hence Kerry and Edwards hit the church circuit with lies.  Frankly I am surprised that fire from heaven did not consume them both as they lied in the pulpits.

The question is this:  Will this preaching to the choir be too little, too late, for the Dems?  One can only hope.