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Playgirl Zips Zipp's Lips

Michele Zipp wrote an article for Playgirl magazine, the magazine for which she was editor-in-chief, in which she came out as a Republican.  She went into some detail about her conversion, and explained her vote for President Bush.  She also explained why conservative (Republican) men may just turn women on more than their left-wing counterparts.  The article was mentioned on the Drudge Report and featured by Rush Limbaugh.  For us conservatives, it was a breath of fresh air, and the reasoning behind Ms. Zippís conversion was both reasonable and compelling.

So, of course, Playgirl fired Ms. Zipp for being Republican.

"Is it just me, or do liberals talk tolerance while practicing discrimination?"

Is it just me, or do liberals talk tolerance while practicing discrimination?  If the liberals are Playgirl managers sickened by having a Republican-voting staffer, then the magazineís management is rife with hypocrites.  If the magazineís executives simply cowered before protest letters sent in after the article appeared, then they are cowards and liberals in general have shown their virulent intolerance with their actions.  Their actions belie their words.

To the left, you can express any viewpoint you want, as long as itís liberal.  You can vote any way you want, as long as you vote for liberals.  You can act any way you want, as long as itís liberal.  You can associate with anyone you want, as long as he or she is liberal.  You can espouse any ideology you want, as long as itís liberal.  And these are the people who brazenly accuse us conservatives of being hypocrites.

Well, Michele Zipp will find friends here.  In the conservative movement, you can have different opinions on different issues and still be in our fold.  For example, I am against the death penalty.  Condoleeza Rice, our Secretary of State, fifth in line for the presidency, is pro-choice.  You can associate with liberals without being ostracized.  Ask Mary Matalin, who is married to James Carville!  Barry Goldwater was and is one of conservatismís greatest heroes, and he openly supported gay people in the military without restrictions.  We donít hold you to a dogma on pain of ostracism.

Playgirl dumped its editor-in-chief for her voting decision in 2004.  Itís unclear if she is even a conservative.  All we know is that she voted for our President.  The libs have showed us again that they are the true party of intolerance.