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No Riots -- If Kerry Wins!

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of the ambulance-chasing, hair primping V.P. candidate, has joined the Hall of Shame, along with the Ketchup-Queen wife of John Kerry.  On Sunday October 24, a Pennsylvania supporter expressed her hope that there would be no riots.  Mrs. Edwardsí response: "Uh...Well...Not if we win!"

OK, so now the elitists leftists are threatening the good people of Pennsylvania, the birthplace of this country, the crucible of liberty, with riots unless they vote Kerry/Edwards!  At what will these evil wackos stop?  I suspect that they would stop at nothing whatsoever.  They attempt to terrorize African Americans and the elderly (thank God that both groups are smarter and wiser than that), they manufacture lies in order to drag our President down, and they recruit both the press and the publishing community to aid and abet their evil schemes.

But this Edwards comment reaches a new low in American political history.  This statement is yet another shameless attempt to grab power, costs be damned, consequences be damned. 

The statement is ridiculous, and perhaps I am overreacting by writing of it.  The people of Pennsylvania are good and honest.  They work hard and they have a pair of great football teams (Editorís note: I went to the same high school as Donovan McNabb -- Go Eagles).  As I wrap this up, I am listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Heís telling us to be calm, and Rush is, as per usual, right.  The Democrats are flailing in desperation mode, the pollsters cannot bias the polls far enough to make it look as Kerry has a chance. "Hi this is Zogby.  Who do you want to vote for, John Kerry, Hero with three Purple hearts, or that weasely lying scum named Bush?"

From the internals I have reviewed, I think the Time Magazine poll is the most accurate.  It happens, by the way, to show our heroic and belover President with a commanding lead.  I also think that Vice President Cheney is lowballing when he predicts a 52-47% Bush win.  I think that it will be 56-41% and I think that Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Hawaii, New Mexico, Ohio and Florida will go Bush.

So, while I am outraged at this shameful threat, I know that, in the end, it helps our beloved President.