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Who Cares!

Who cares about Paula Abdulís sex life?  Think about it.  Most 42-year-old women look at their fat lumpy lazy husbands and become very jealous that she got to get it on with a studly 22 year old (mediocre) singer.  Frankly, she has been a non-story ever since Forever Your Girl left the charts about 15 years ago.  Yes, sheís pretty hot, especially for someone thatís almost exactly my age.

The entire incident is being media-hyped by ABC as a direct attack on American Idol.  The one-hour "exposť" show in reality deserved about five minutes of airtime, no more.  Is it a coincidence that, if American Idol loses viewers, the coveted #1 show label goes to ABCís Desperate Housewives?

Frankly, American Idol is not worth my time, and I tried watching it for a while this year.  As I understand it, there is some kind of parody site encouraging people to vote for the worst contestants so that a truly lousy singer will get the recording contract.  That makes me laugh.  It also points up the fallibility of the American Idol process.  It is far too easy to corrupt the process.

Take Simon Cowellís boy-opera group, Il Divo, as a contrast.  Cowell did all of the work himself, found four great singers, and in the process, has come up with a startlingly excellent product.  Il Divo smokes the best of Idol, including past winners like Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard.

So who cares about Paula Abdul and a failed contestant on a silly singing game show?  Neither do I.