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A Lott of Treachery

Trent Lott wants his seat at the Senate power brokersí table back.  He lost it when the leftist press mischaracterized a salutary remark he made at Strom Thurmondís 100th Brithday party, and made the senator look like a racist.  In that fracas, Sen. Lott lost the majority leadership of the Senate to Dr. Bill Frist.  Now, in an effort to regain part of his power, he has leapt into bed with the very rattlesnakes that invented lies about him to deprive his power in the first place.  Apparently senator Lottís thirst for power has led him to treachery against the American people.

Lott and Democratic senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska are attempting to one-up Dr. Frist and the nuclear option by getting six each of Democrats and GOP senators to agree to a "compromise" on judicial nominees.  The compromise is highly similar to the one made about two weeks ago by Harry Reid, shrinking minority leader of the Senate.  Four of the seven embattled nominees would be put through, the filibuster would be preserved, and the six Democrats would agree to invoke cloture on any attempted filibuster -- except in undefined "extreme circumstances."  The agreement would end as of the 2006 midterm elections.

"In essence, this is a complete capitulation to the extreme left and its agenda of tyranny of the judiciary."

Rush spoke at length today about this crummy compromise.  In essence, this is a complete capitulation to the extreme left and its agenda of tyranny of the judiciary.  I agree with Rush, but would like to emphasize some things.

  • None of the Presidentís nominees deserve to be dumped.  They are all of the highest judicial and personal caliber, and not extreme in the least, and do not deserve to be libeled with the misnomer of extremism.
  • The compromise has no teeth, and permits devious people to breach the agreement with impunity.  "Extreme circumstances" are not defined.  The leftist Democrat senators will, if this sickening, putrid deal is implemented, constantly invoke "extreme circumstances" for every judicial nominee they do not like, rendering the compromise agreement completely useless.  Considering that the Democrats have proven themselves devious and dishonest, utterly unworthy of even the most cursory trust, one cannot implement an agreement like this.
  • The compromise will destroy the GOP in 2006.   The people elected the GOP expecting the senators elected to implement the agenda upon which they ran.  The second most fundamental campaign promise, after Social Security reform, was to end the unconstitutional, evil filibustering of judicial candidates, for the sole reason that they are not extreme America-hating leftists.  If the GOP fails to cause the Senate to at least vote upon every judicial nominee that our beloved president submits, they will end up handing the Congress to the evil leftists who want to subjugate the people to their tyranny.

Trent Lott is presently heading on a course to be a traitor to his party.  Rush speculated that Sen. Lott is looking for leverage to prevent the closing of some army base(s) in his home state of Mississippi.  If so, then Sen. Lott is playing poker with the most fundamental liberties of all Americans.  The leftists have shown that they hate America and all for which it stands.  They have shown that they are unable to countenance a world where they are not imposing their will upon regular people, who they deem to be lesser persons.  They seek to use the judiciary to cram their evil, amoral philosophies down the throats of an unwilling people.  The GOP was empowered by those people expressly to prevent such an evil outcome.  Senator Lott wants to flush that, either by trying to "look good" to the leftist press, or for the sake of extorting the senate leadership over an army base.

Sen. Lott:  Abandon your treachery -- NOW!