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Senator Nelson: We Won't Dismiss You!

To the Honorable Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska:

Dear Senator Nelson,

I am certain that you recognize that you are a Democratic senator who represents a "red" state.  I also know that you recently tried, with Trent Lott, to engineer some kind of compromise to the Nuclear Option debate.  You got the icy treatment from Teddy Kennedy and the other leftists on the hill.  What a kick in the teeth, huh?

I have a suggestion that you may wish to consider.  How about switching sides?  You are obviously not an extreme left-winger.  Considering the state that you represent, moving to the GOP would benefit you in your upcoming re-election fight.  Having our President at your side cannot hurt.

As for your position in the Senate, you should be able to get some choice committee assignment, perhaps even a chairmanship, from a grateful GOP leadership.  This will further aid your re-election efforts.  And what will this cost you?  The animosity of a dwindling minority of Senators?  So what.  Leave them cold just like they left you cold in the judicial nomination compromise situation.

The GOP is far more tolerant of divergent viewpoints than your present party.  After all, we are the party of both Tom DeLay and Arlen Specter.  Sens. Specter, Snowe, Chaffee and Collins are obviously not conservatives, yet they sit in honored places in our Senate caucus.  I think that you would find yourself more welcome than in your present party.  You would also be able to stand on your principles without fear of excoriation or public humiliation for alleged political incorrectness.

It is also easier to represent conservatives than liberals.  The latter are a fractious conglomeration of extreme left special-interest groups, and frequently Democrats find themselves fighting for positions that are wholly repugnant to most of the electorate.  I am sure that you do not want to fight for the infanticide that is "partial birth abortion."  I am sure that you do not want to fight against Christianity.  In the GOP, that is no problem.  However, Democrats must continually pander to the extremists, an unenviable position.

I therefore suggest that you pick up your office phone, call Bill Frist, and set a meeting.  When you arrive, extend your hand and say, "Bill, I am going to switch to the Republican party!"  I absolutely guarantee that Dr. Frist, our President and everyone else in the GOP will be thrilled and will welcome you into the party of equality, personal independence and values, with open arms.

John Tamburo, Editor