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More BS from CBS about Ken Starr, and the Nuclear Option Revisited.

Ken Starr wrote the following to describe the CBS report that had him deriding the potential Nuclear Option that the GOP is planning to restore Constitutionality to Senate consideration of judicial nominees: "[O]ur friends are way off base in assuming that the CBS snippets, as used, represent (a) my views, or (b) what I in fact said."  OK, letís see a show of hands:  How many people are actually surprised that CBS lied yet again to attempt to discredit conservatives?  As I thought, nobody.

Dan Rather ended up his news-anchor career after his staff ran with fabricated National Guard reports to try to swing the 2004 election to John Kerry.  That incident proves, in addition to the leftís complete lack of integrity, that liberals donít know the difference between a 1973 typewriter and a 21st-century word processor.  So why do we even bother to comment yet again?

"CBS has not, and apparently may never, learn its lesson.  Ixnay on the ibfays!"

CBS has not, and apparently may never, learn its lesson.  Ixnay on the ibfays!  I want to know when Penn and Teller will feature CBS News on their Showtime cable show entitled Bullsh*t.  I want to know when, or even if, CBS Will investigate the "creative editing" of Ken Starrís statements to try to make him into a critic of the Senateís nuclear option, who, according to CBS, called that option a "radical departure" from Senate tradition.

In reality, Mr. Starr was speaking of the Democratsí radical departure from Senate tradition by "...the practice of invoking judicial philosophy as a grounds for voting against a qualified nominee of integrity and experience."  CBSí rendition of Starrís statements portray, falsely, the opposite viewpoint.  Now on to what Mr. Starr really said, I commend his honesty and agree with him.  The left, in their vain effort to cram liberalism down the throats of the people via judicial fiat, feels that is has no choice but to obstruct all of our Presidentís judicial nominees of any consequence.  They need to hold out the fast-fading hope that the country will do a 180-degree reversal and vote their extremists into power.  Ainít gonna happen, unless the GOP loses its spine and fails to implement absolutely every thing our beloved President wants.  Hence the filibusters and their unconstitutional attempt to impose a 60-vote requirement for judicial nominees.

This can play out several ways.  First, Dr. Frist can force the Dems to hold the Senate floor for days at a time, showing the country the leftís obstructionism, and try to encourage the people to raise the GOP Senate caucus to 61.  Second, Dr. Frist can do nothing and risk the wrath of the voters.  Third. there could be a compromise, but any compromise that admits that any judicial nominee is "extreme," whether or not explicit, will engender GOP voter wrath.  Fourth, the GOP could hold together and exercise the nuclear option.  Conservativity has endorsed, and continues to endorse, the immediate use of the Nuclear option.

What is the downside?  Bad press.  The leftists who control the press will run massive puff pieces of whining leftists complaining of their putative disenfranchisement, so-called right-wing extremism, "capture" (a recently coined liberal bastardization of the concept of tyranny of the majority), unfairness, etc., etc., etc.  Some senators fear a press-fueled backlash.  I think that their fears are unfounded.  In 2004, the press mercilessly attacked our president, including the CBS fabrications mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The Ken Starr misquote is the prologue, the warning shot, of the press at the GOP.  They are boldly stating that the truth will not be a hurdle in their attack-reports should the Nuclear Option be detonated.  In my opinion, the right way to handle this is to immediately and without notice, fire off the nuclear option.  Take the hit.  The GOPís base will be dancing in the streets.  Bill Frist will ride the Nuclear Option into the Oval Office unless Condoleeza Rice decides to run.  As to the so-called "moderate" republicans, I think that they realize that their "moderation" could cost them their seats if they join the extreme leftists in flouting the Constitution.  I think that they will all go with the plan, and there will be 55, not just 51, votes to nuke this unconstitutional obstruction.

Then prepare to be unsurprised as there are rounds after rounds of nasty articles.  Be more unsurprised when the people continue to give these hate-articles no weight whatsoever, and watch the GOP make impressive gains in 2006, especially if the Dems decide to hold up Senate business as revenge.