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Never, Ever, Ever Forget!

The Jews who survived the evil and demonic Shoah constantly remind us of what happened to them.  Why?  So that people will remember the atrocity and it will never happen again, to them or anyone else.  Nonetheless, the American press, in an intentional effort to make people forget, is downplaying September 11.  The liberal left criticized our beloved President for even mentioning 9/11 in his Iraq speech!  Woody Allen, a New Yorker and Jewish, recently pooh-poohed the importance of 9/11.  I guess that Mr. Allen, when confronted with a tension between decency and socialist liberalism, chooses the liberalism.

The Jewish people are most wise to remind us of this consummately evil atrocity, which happened because the world turned a blind to the hate rising in mainland Europe from 1933 to 1939.  The world could have acted when Crystallnacht showed the Nazis’ true intentions.  That happened years before Wannsee or the death camps.  Nothing happened and millions of innocents were cruelly and evilly murdered.  We will never forget.

There are paralells between 9/11 and the evil holocaust.  For example:

  • The Nazis wanted to exterminate every Jewish person on the planet.  The terrorists want to exterminate every non-Muslim on the planet, starting with the Americans.
  • The Nazis targeted innocents as primary targets (Jewish women and children, the innocent civilians of London with the V-bombs,  Russian civilians and the like).  The terrorists targeted innocents in the World Trade Center and the planes, and even the Pentagon, as primary targets.
  • And it almost does not need to be mentioned that the terrorists share the Nazis’ complete hatred of all Jewish persons.

"Confronted with these historical parallels, our President heeded the historical warning of the Shoah and immediately confronted the evil terrorists where they roosted."

Confronted with these historical parallels, our President heeded the historical warning of the Shoah and immediately confronted the evil terrorists where they roosted.  Routed out of Afghanistan by our heroic armed forces, the terrorists ran to Iran and Iraq.  We followed them into Iraq, and now the evil despot who was a legitimate rival to the genocide of Hitler and Pol Pot (unlike our troops, as evilly alleged by the leftist America-hating Dickie Durbin) sits in jail await trial for genocide and numerous other atrocities.

Now, we need to remember the lessons of the Shoah again.  The press and the America-hating leftists want you to forget in order to forget why we’re at war.  This is apparently their plan; make you forget and vote them into power.  You’re smarter than that.  Rush has rightly been reminding us to remember 9/11.  Never forget this:

Remember this!  Never forget this!  The leftists, filled to the brim with disingenuousness, accused our President of lacing Tuesday’s speech with 9/11 references in an attempt to gain advantage.  Bull!  He was stating the obvious.  Senator John Warner was right, and I will harp on his statement:  We’re fighting them in the Mid-East so we don’t have to fight them in the Midwest!

Liberals like John Kerry, Dickie Durbin and others virulently hate America.  If they ever weasel their way into power, expect America to be weakened as they slam the iron boot of the government onto your neck.  Expect America to be weakened as they wimp out to the terrorists.  And expect many, many more September 11’s.