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Battle Ready Armor

My kids watch an inane but quite entertaining show on Cartoon Network.  Itís called Codename: Kids Next Door.  Children around the world are organized into a super-secret elite organization to protect kids worldwide against the evils of teenagers and adults.  The kids call themselves by numbers, and the adventure revolves around Sector "V", populated by the primal numbers one through five.  These kids refer to a brassiere as "battle ready armor."  Now, we find out that our military has taken a hint from KND and turned a brassiere into a weapon against our enemies.

"Horrible unspeakable torture!  Terrorists forced to wear íbattle ready armor!í  Oh, where are our morals?  Weíre stooping to such horrible and torturous interrogation tactics as inconvenience and humiliation!"

Yes, folks, itís all over the news!  Horrible unspeakable torture!  Terrorists forced to wear "battle ready armor!"  Oh, where are our morals?  Weíre stooping to such horrible and torturous interrogation tactics as inconvenience and humiliation!  And why are we stooping to such unspeakable atrocities as making a terrorist wear a bra?  To get information to protect the American people from being murdered en masse.  Thatís no justification for cross-dressing!

And all the while, we thought that our troops were only using tactics like actual torture.  Dickie Durbin unapologetically (what he said was no apology) compared the Guantanamo sea resort to Nazi concentration camps!  To Stalinís gulags!  To Pol Potís Cambodian killing fields!  But now the press and the Democrats tell us these horrible things!  Bras on prisoners!  I bet that Eichmann and Heydrich never even conceived the idea of putting brassieres on their victims -- before killing them for no reason at all!

Itís time for my reminder of why we have a prison -- or is it a seaside resort -- at Guantanamo, full of terrorists.  See the picture at the left.  This is just part of what these terrorists did to us!  This is what the press wants you to forget about, because you know that socialist liberals hate Americaís strength.  They hate Americaís strong moral foundation.  They hate the United Statesí freedom and want to warp our laws and our system to subvert the rule of law and the rule of the people, so that they can assume total power.

Therefore, silly things like putting a bra on a terrorist are equated with the most evil things that ever happened on Earth.  The leftists, in their insane and desperate grab for power, spit on the graves of millions of innocents who died in real atrocities.  Why?  Because, to these people, reacquiring power by whatever means possible is far more important than protecting the people from evil murderous thugs who would happily kill us all.  They furthermore donít care what they have to say or do to reacquire power.  Compare innocuous interrogation tactics to the Shoah?  They donít care that they desecrate the victims of these evil deeds.  The power is all that is important to the elites of the liberal movement, especially as ensconced in the Democratic party.

So our soldiers turned a ladiesí undergarment into a weapon in the war to eliminate terrorism and terrorists from this planet.  Bravo!  They avoided actual torture in favor of non-injurious psy-ops, and in so doing, affirmed their and our decency!  Keep on going!  Use the "battle ready armor" as much as you need!  We thank you for your service!