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Boycott San Francisco, say the Gay Blogs!

Michelle Malkin notes an interesting and disturbing story in her blog.  She notes that, by an 8-3 margin, the San Francisco City Council has rejected the berthing of the retired battleship, USS Iowa, in the city, to become a museum.  The reason: opposition to the Iraq war.  Ironically, the Iowa was not deployed to Iraq.  It was, however, a key component of the Allied victory in the Pacific in WWII.  Not surprisingly, the gay blogs have spoken up.  Gaypatriot has a posting on this travesty, calling it an "outrageous example of the LiberalDemocrat ideology run amok."  Counservativity could not agree more.

You know that San Fransisco has done something outrageous when Dianne Feinstein, extreme socialist leftist Democrat, says: "This is not the San Francisco that Iíve known and loved and grew up in and was born in."  The Gryphmon board states: "Look, the military and I have obvious deep disagreements. But the fact is that itís not the pacifists, or even the gay activists, who have provided freedom for Americans, and yes, even Gay Americans. It was those that were willing to die to protect it.  That means they get my respect."

Kudos to those who seek to boycott San Francisco to protest their anti-American extremism.