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California's Health Care Tax Proposition -- Side Effects?

Proposition 72 is on Tuesdayís ballot.  This proposition seeks to impose an indirect tax on businesses by forcing them to carry health insurance on all employees.  In a three year plan it would phase in to all business of 20 or more employees.  This proposition is backed by organized labor, although strangely, union employees are exempt from its provisions.  Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger (R) strongly opposes this business-killing exercise in stupidity.  He has been joined by thousands of small businesses, local governments, law enforcement, and Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), who was viciously targeted in some of the ads promoting this proposition, with false statements that appear to cross the line into libel.

One can only hope and pray that this stupid virtual tax, on a state where businesses are crawling out from a recession, and where there is already a crushing tax burden, fails.  And, I hope that the people, in defeating this proposition, carry someone on the coattails of that "no" vote.  That someone is, of course, our beloved President.  I make no secret of my ardent supporter of George Bush, a Great American Hero.  I also make it no secret that I think that a Kerry presidency would decimate the USA.  So I would like to see the President pull a major upset and win the Golden State.  Now that Mr. Bush has pulled ahead in Hawaii, of all places, which Rush Limbaugh, in an understatement, compared to Reagan winning a poll in 1982 Moscow!

What a wonderful day it would be if Mr. Bush won California!  That would end the election night nice and early.  It would make it a mandate for our beloved President.  He needs it, too.  There are way too many things at stake to turn this country over to an elitist liberal with an unhealthy attraction to mainland Europe, the candidate endorsed by Yasser Arafat.

So, Californians, itís time to mass up and vote!  Vote! Vote! Vote!  Letís mass the conservatives of the Golden State to the polls and show the world that we are the United States of America, and we lead and not follow!  Letís give George the 55 electoral votes, since you know that heíll never tax you like the Prop 72 socialists.  Defeat Prop 72, and its evil brother in taxation, Mr. Kerry!  Mr Bush is a great man and deserves your vote.