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Disaster Relief Site for Pets and Their Owners.

I own Manís Best Friend Software.  Itís the company that pays the bills (well, most of the time), and gives me the free time to run this site.  I disclose this along with an announcement:

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Permission to cross post Granted.

The devastation that Hurricane Katrina has wreaked upon the United Statesí Gulf Coast is nothing short of horrific. Among those victims of this natural disaster are millions of pets. There are many animals rescued that need temporary or permanent homes. There are many people who need pet-friendly housing.

In order to aid the victims, Manís Best Friend Software has created a clearinghouse site for displaced pets, those who are willing to open their home, hotel, motel or apartment to displaces families with pets, and rescue organizations. Using this site, pets can be linked up to willing persons who can provide them with what they need. Please feel free to use this site right now. You can access the site at:

The site is provided for zero charge at all. There is no obligation, and any information gathered will never be used for any marketing or soliciation purpose whatsoever. It will never be sold, and you wonít be hit up for money from any other charities. In fact, soliciting posters for money is strictly forbidden.

We arenít looking for money. Weíre just looking to help. Hopefully this clearinghouse will help us do exactly that -- providing a way for millions of displaced pets to find a loving home.

Thanks, please find a way to help.
Manís Best Friend Software