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Shining Lights of Goodness

I am still shocked by the devastation from Hurricane Katrina.  I have already been compelled to write of the shameful accusations lobbed at our President, especially from those who should have acted in the first place:  The governor of Louisana and the mayor of New Orleans, who apparently ignored their own written disaster plan and remained sedentary, when thousands could have been saved had they actually done what they planned to do.

However, there are heroes here.  This article will highlight a few.  Please donít infer any priority from the order in which theyíre mentioned.  They are all heroes, equally.

"These fine wonderful heroic Americans have selflessly saved lives!  They deserve our thanks and our respect!"

First, we honor the air rescue squad from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, north of Chicago at the Wisconsin border.  These unmitigated heroes were dispatched to New Orleans.  While the local officials could not muster any command / control of the situation, the Winthrop Harbor crew took matters into their own hands.  They have rescued over 1,700 people from rooftops in flooded areas!  These fine wonderful heroic Americans have selflessly saved lives!  They deserve our thanks and our respect!

Next, we honor the entire city of Houston, Texas.  Talk about unity and helpfulness!  They opened the Astrodome to refugees, they have donated millions of dollars and tons over tons of food and other needs, and they have opened their homes and hearts to those less fortunate.  I am honored and privileged to say that I once resided in that wonderful and awesome city!  I wish I was still there right now, because Houstonians are American Heroes!

We also honor Carnival Cruise Lines.  They have provided three ships to house displaced refugees.  They were obligated to do nothing.  They did this because their owners care and have consciences and hearts and souls.  While it may sound amusing to house refugees on cruise ships, they are in essence floating hotels, with the ability to treat these horribly-harmed people well.

Finally, we honor our President.  He has had to weather tons of unwarranted criticism, when he acted responsibly and rapidly.  Luckily, the people realize that the media are full of crap when it comes to our Presidentís role in this matter.  They realize that he acted responsibly and properly.

This article barely touches the surface of the huge numbers of heroes of the Gulf Coast disaster.  The media has chosen to ignore the good stories and focus instead on the bad.  That is, after all, what they live to do:  smear the GOP.  We will endeavor here to list as many of the great people as we can, as we hear of them.  This is wonderful to see how the people have mobilized in every possible way.  God bless each and every one of them!