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I am Stunned, Shocked and Offended!

Somewhere in the United States, it is now illegal for school students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance!  This news just broke.  After the paramedics revived me, I opened up an article editor to start writing this commentary.  How much more offensive can this run-amok judiciary get?  Itís unlawful to teach kids to respect the country that gives them more freedom than all other countries worldwide combined? 

"Now I donít know what court issued this ruling, or upon what basis this ruling is made.  It does not matter; the ruling is sickening."

Now I donít know what court issued this ruling, or upon what basis this ruling is made.  It does not matter; the ruling is sickening.  First, the 9th circuit ruled that the phrase "under God" in the pledge unconstitutionally mixed religion and government, yet another decision in a long string of vicious abuses of the First Amendment, for the purpose of persecuting anyone who has any faith whatsoever.  Now, this ruling enshrines disrespect of this country.  And itís based on the evil 9th circuit ruling mentioned herein.  But wasnít that ruling overturned (ot isnít it about to be so overturned)?

This kind of ruling erodes the United States as a nation.  If this republic falls, it will, as it was in Rome when Caesar took over, be replaced by a left-wing dictatorship.  I now begin to understand that this may be the liberalsí ultimate plan.  They know that theyíve lost at the polls.  Their own standard-bearing party has been taken over by ultra-extreme left-wing activists, who think nothing of trouncing individual freedoms in the name of enacting their agendas.  Now, with Judge John Roberts handily wiping the floor with his shrill leftist detractors, and on his way to an ultra-amooth confirmation as Chief Justice, and our President ready to nominate Janice Rogers Brown (or someone just as wonderful as her) to the OíConnor seat, the leftists realize that they have to act rapidly to erode the public trust.  Then, then they attempt their coup díťtat, the people will, in their vision, be more malleable.

The liberalsí acts are akin to Caesarís strategy of bribing the people with treasures from Gaul.  They thought Caesar to be their "friend." By the time that he marched on Rome, Pompey could not even amass an army to resist.  Caesar established a dictatorial rule that lasted for centuries, bolstered by massive government handouts to keep the peoplesí attention off of his usurpation of their rights and representation.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Thank God that our President has made it clear that he will continue to nominate people who respect our country and our Constitution.  These people are such that the left cannot use them to undermine America and enable their takeover.

The judge who made this disgusting and sickening ruling is inducted in our Hall of Shame.