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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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All The News that's Not Gonna Hurt Kerry...

ABC News received a videotape that they were told was from Al-Qaeda.  It warns of a terror attack on Election Day.  In fact, the wording of the tape is downright scary: "The streets will run with blood..."  The tape says that America will mourn with silence because there will be too many dead people to count.  It then goes on to state that America has brought this on itself by electing George Bush, who they allege has waged war on Islam by unseating the Taliban and by going after Al-Qaeda.  The FBI and CIA have authenticated this terror tape as genuine as of the evening of October 27.

Drudge is reporting that ABC News held the tape because management was worried about its political implications.  Translated, they did not want to do anything to help George Bush; this tape is a genuine Bush helper.  It makes it clear that Al Qaeda is angry with our beloved President for defending this country against its unspeakably evil Sept. 11 attacks.  Well, boo hoo hoo!  Let the terrorists rant against W.  Are they really staging a horrible election day attack?  I donít know.  They could be ranting in an effort to scare the public into voting for Kerry, and not understanding the American people, not realize that this tape is a massive Bush boost.  Weíre not Spain.  We donít lay down for thugs and miscreants.

ABC management realized this, and, although they regularly aired terror tapes before without waiting for authentication, they held this one.  Well, now itís authenticated.  It is a real Al Qaeda tape.  I was going to put ABC News into the Hall of Shame, but if they lead with this tape tonight, and have some note that the tape has been authenticated as real, I will happily withhold my nomination.  I also believe that the terrorists have made it crystal clear that Mr. Kerry their candidate of choice.  I just want to see Mr. Kerryís reaction to this, especially if the terrorists try something and homeland security thwarts it.