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Almost taken in...

I am stunned by what I have just read:  purports to be Harriet Miersí personal blog.  For a good 4.5 seconds, I was taken in.  And I was stunned by the numerous misspellings and grammatical errors in the blog.  Then there was the content.  I was thinking that this person was so stupid so as to question my President for ever having hired her in any capacity.  Then I wised up.

The blog is a parody and a hoax.  From its header: "The blog of the #1 smartest President everís [sic] #1 pick to be the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court!  SENATORS WELCOME!!! or if your [sic] a voter, CALL YOUíRE [sic] SENATOR AND SAY VOTE FOR ME [sic]!!! 202-225-3121"  The grammatical and spelling errors appear to be intentional.

I would like to congratulate this impersablogger (I have now come one step closer to having done it all, having coined a new word in the English Language).  The Harriet Miers blog site is most certainly hilarious.  I canít stop laughing when I visit it!  I owe Michelle Malkin a big "thank you" for the link to this hilarious winner of a site.  I may not agree with its premise, but I can certainly see the hard work that went into such a side-splitting web destination.

Aside from that, I must say that the Senate Questionnaire issue is something that is starting to raise my concern level with this nomination.  Making major constitutional law mistakes, including the presumption of a legal maxim that does not exist, worries me.  I am watching this nomination much more closely.