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Boy, Do I Love the American People!

Earlier today, I wrote an article about an op-ed disguised as "news."  This so-called "front page" article in The New York Post essentially portrayed our President as on the edge of personal meltdown, and braced for massive losses in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles.  The article disheartened and disturbed me at first; however, I did regain my composure and saw it for the wishful thinking that it is.

Then, as I started to get my bearings back, Rush mentioned a Zogby poll.  Well, well, well!  It seems that our Presidentís approval rating is up!  Thatís right, folks, our allegedly-imploding President is gaining in the polls!  Why is his approval rating up?  The Iraqi Constitution!  The American people saw through the doomsayers in the news and realized that this approving vote was, and is, a wonderful development!  And they rightly and wisely gave credit where credit was due:  to our President!

"Itís high time that we conservatives who worry about the press and its effect upon the electorate stop and smell the roses!"

Itís high time that we conservatives who worry about the press and its effect upon the electorate stop and smell the roses!  The Presidentís poll numbers are skyrocketing.  The stock market is surging on strong profit news and happiness over our Presidentís appointment of Ben Bernanke to succees Alan Greenspan as head of the Federal Reserve.  Gas prices are dropping faster than the water at Niagara Falls.  The people are seeing through the negativity of the press, and, exhibiting their innate wisdom, are rewarding our President for a job well done.

Is all perfect?  No, but the people are wising up!  Ronnie Earle, that menace to law-abiding society, brings a kangaroo-court trumped-up indictment against Tom DeLay.  The people rise up and donate massive amounts of money to his campaign, DeLayís poll numbers shoot up, and the press is apopleptic over a "mug shot" that is nicer-looking than Mr. DeLayís official Congressional Portrait!

What about Rove and Libby?  The Plame Scandal?  Iím unable to predict what will happen.  I have a feeling that it will not be as bad as the wishful-thinking Bush haters in the press hope for.  I would not be surprised if Rove and Libby are not indicted for anything, but instead Joe Wilson and Judith Miller, for perjury to the Senate and the Grand Jury, respectively.

All in all, the People are just as smart and wise as I knew they would always be.  Itís a wonderful thing to see.  Chin up, ready yourself for 2006!