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ABC News changes Tune, Gets released from Hall of Shame!

FLASH UPDATE at 17:00CDT on 10-28-2004:  Our hero Drudge has now reported that ABC will air the story of the tape, now that itís authenticated.

Here is the excerpt from the tape: "You are guilty, guilty, guilty.  Youíre as guilty as Bush and Cheney.  Youíre as guilty as Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and Powell...," the man states.

He goes on to warn of an upcoming horror: "The streets will run with blood," and "America will mourn in silence" because they will be unable to count the number of the dead.  Continuing, "People of America, that was the verdict now for the sentencing: as participants and partners in the crimes of the regime, you too shall pay the price for the blood that has been spilled."

ABC held that back from the CIA and FBI.  They held back fifteen minutes of video that is evidence of treason if the speaker was an American Al-Qaeda member.  Why?  "This is not something you just throw out there while people are voting."  ABC knew that CIA and FBI would see the Bush/Cheney stuff, it would make it up the chain of command.  What this means, when boiled down to the essentials, is ABC knew that the tape would make people vote for Bush, so they spiked it!  The network reported about the "380 tons" of explosives, now 3.8 tons by most estimates, that were in fact gone before the troops got to Al-QaQaa, so it will run "October Surprise" stories, but of course, only if they benefit Kerry and the elitist ultra-liberal snobs.

Now, the truth is out.  Our hero, Rush Limbaugh, has exposed the ABC for its sloth in breaking the story.  Now itís authenticated; letís see if ABC will run with it.  I know that Fox and NBC will, maybe CBS will with a lead like "Americans must Vote for Kerry to keep Al-Qaeda from killing us all!"  ABC, in submitting a partial tape for authentication, showed that it was afraid that our beloved president would get a hold of the tape and let the country know that the terrorists want Kerry to win, as if we do not already not know that.  So they hid evidence from the agencies charged to protect us!  ABC is therefore actually acting as a co-conspirator with Al-QaedaHey ABC!  Take your terrorist-loving, president-hating, election manipulating evil butt to the Hall of Shame!

FLASH UPDATE!  ABC has decided to air the Al Qaeda tape!  Thatís more like it; ABC is removed from the Hall of Shame.  Letís see how John Kerry will react to the Al-Qaeda Kerry promotional tape!  Does this mean that Al-Qaeda is now a 527 group, or will the administration also charge the treasonous swine with violation of Capmaign Finance laws?