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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

"Now L.A. hip and N.Y. chic / been danciní lately cheek to cheek / while Midwest good ole boys like me / should all be playing catch-up, see / Subscribe to the Village Voice in throngs / and guess who gigs at Madame Wongís / well drop your pens and pant designs / and drop six words in your open minds / Who you tryiní to kid, kid?"  "Bad Rap" by Steve Taylor (1983).  Itís again time for me to start doing the Bad Rap.  Why?  Well, the Village Voice was first to do something that I suspected would happen sooner or later:  it has endorsed Cindy Sheehan for President of the United States

But what about Super-Hillary?  Isnít she the invincible Golden Angel, the renaissance of Absolute Liberal Domination?  Pshaw.  The person who wanted to nationalize our health care system, and make it a crime to hire your own doctor, is just not liberal enough for Sheehan and any of the antiwar crowd.  The antiwar faction will be the determining factor in the 2008 Democratic primaries, unless there is another terror attack on American soil.  Since I think that another attack is a remote possibility, the anti-war crowd will have great sway over the Dems in both 2006 and 2008.  Read Daily Kos, if you have an airsickness bag nearby.  These people see anyone who is not as extreme as they are as "evil conservative warmongers."

"When I went to Drudge and saw that V[illage] V[oice] had written up Cindy, I saw it as a prelude.  That is what this article is:  a prelude.  To what?  The 2008 Al Gore candidacy."

When I went to Drudge and saw that VV had written up Cindy, I saw it as a prelude.  That is what this article is:  a prelude.  To what?  The 2008 Al Gore candidacy.  Cindy Sheehan cannot possibly get nominated to run for President of the United States.  She is an anti-Semitic hatemonger who has defined herself by an extremism that is the death knell for any national candidacy.  Well, maybe not for the present neocommunist incarnation of the party of the jack-ass.  Cindy will endorse her dreamy love-bubble hunky environmentalist peacenik, Gore, who will be nominated and then lose in 2008.

What is so funny about this is how one can rmeember a 22-year-old song by a somewhat obscure artist, and fit its lyrics precisely into today.  Well, maybe alomst precisely.  Madame Wongís is gone.  But the rest of this, nose-on.  The Left hasnít changed their playbook in over 40 years.  And now, with the socialists and America-haters in firm control of the Democratic party, they are throwing back further and further.

Cindy Sheehan, the person who the Dems thought would help them topple a sitting president (ha!), is on the brink of toppling the extreme Left for another four years.