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Secret Session, Obvious Motives

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), shrinking minority leader, pulled a fast one today.  He and Dickie "American Soldiers are like Nazis" Durbin employed Senate Rule 21, which does not require a vote, to force the Senate into secret session.  Why?  To discuss the Scooter Libby indictment, and to try to get media traction for their notion that our President intentionally lied to lead us into war in Iraq.  Majority Leader Bill Frist was visibly enraged by the maneuver, which tradition dictates is only used upon agreement by the leadership. The Senate met for about two hours in closed session; other important Senate business was thwarted by the maneuver.

The blogosphere and Sean Hannity are, for the most part, enraged. However, I tend to agree in part with NROís John Podhoretz.  The move is "canny," to quote Mr. Podhoretz.  However, more than that, it shows absolute desperation.  There has been a massive momentum change in DC in the last week.  The changes:

  1. First, Karl Rove not indicted.  Scooter Libby was indicted on peripheral charges; most people donít know who the heck Scooter Libby is. The Washington Post has published that Rove may not be out of danger, it is far more about wishful thinking than any actual likelihood that Rove may be indicted.  The wackos were so sure about Roveís demise that they overplayed their hand.  See my article Schadenfreude to Hubris to Embarassment for more of my thoughts.  That blew up in their face.
  2. President Bush did not get stung by Harriet Miersí withdrawal.  In fact, he bounced back with Samuel Alito, choosing arguably our conservativesí most unifying possible candidate.  the conservative community responded with a deafening roar of approval; virtually every conservablog, including this one, has been jubilant.  And our reactions have been muted compared to the major pundits.
    The Leftís attempts to demonize Alito have fallen on deaf ears; plus there is no way that they can filibuster him without firing the Nuclear option.  Bill Frist declared an eagerness to do just that; and Mike DeWine and Lindsey Graham of the Gang of 14 signed on:  Alito filibustered, Nuclear Option.  Think weíre energized now?  Fire off that Nuclear option and you will understand that this massive burst of support is but a faaint hint of what we are capable of!
  3. Excellent economic news.  Consumer spending up in september, gas prices falling like a meteor out of space, stock market up, universal praise of Ben Bernanke as our Presidentís Fed Chairman appointment.
  4. The big number:  78%  Thatís the vote whereby the Iraqi people, with breathtaking speed, chose liberty in their new Constitution!  No better way to prove the President right and his detractors wrong.

"A week ago today, to use a football analogy, it was the 3rd quarter and the Left was up by two touchdowns.  Our President came out and threw four quick TDís of his own."

A week ago today, to use a football analogy, it was the 3rd quarter and the Left was up by two touchdowns.  Our President came out and threw four quick TDís of his own.  Todayís Tom DeLay judge replacement was another body blow for the Left; you canít have a kangaroo court when the Leftist Judge is gone!  The momentum is now all ours, and is still growing!  The Left is desperately grasping for anything at all that they can use to try to gain momentum.  So they did something to grab headlines and make it look as if there is a fire where there is not even a wisp of smoke.

The moonbats at Daily Kos and Michael Mooreís oversized dinner table will think that they have done something today; we know better.  We can rage at this canny, yet innefective tactic, or we can show these idiots to the people for who they truly are.  To do that, we let them rave on, that all shall know them mad.  Not angry, insane.