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Back in the Saddle!

I apologize for my long absence.  I have been overwhelmed with work items in my personal and professional life.  However, I believe that I can now devote the necessary time to Conservativity in order to continue commentary.  For my first steps back into the water, I would like to comment on a few issues that have transpired over the last couple of weeks.  My thoughts may be belated on some of these issues, but better late than never.  So, here we go...

  1. Congressman Murthaís likening Iraq to Vietnam:  Does this actually need to be refuted?  The premise is ludicrous on its face.  As Iraq gears up for its third free election in the space of 18 months, and as 19 of 20 provinces of Iraq are stable and secure, and as the number and intensity of terrorist (or to use the sanitized press term, "insurgent") attacks are decreasing by the day, and as al-Zarqawi becomes a hated and wanted man by Muslims and as Iraqis gleefuylly hand over terror suspects to us, it is safe to say that this is decidedly not Vietnam.  Murtha seems to be under the spell of the socialist leftists who need to keep up their Stalinist "Big Lie" in order to try to fool the people into voting the GOP out of office.  Our Presidentís resurgent approval rating should be probative of their failure to do so.
  2. Howard Deanís Unwinnable War:  Itís not Iraq, itís Jackass 2006 and Jackass 2008.  As the economy surges and the good news flows out of Iraq, Deanís extremist garbage does nothing except fuel the GOP, whose brilliant "White Flag" ad made my weekend.  Even members of his own party are telling Dean to Shut Up!  As Yul Brenner said in The Ten Commandments, "Let him rave on, that men shall know him mad."  This raving lunatic will not win in the end.
  3. John Kerryís Terrorists -- the American Troops!  Kerryís statement accusing our troops of being terrorists, on Meet the Press, no less, shows how much of a bullet we dodged in 2004.  As for Kerryís proxy calling Rush Limbaugh and others childish names when confronted with his bossí treachery to his own country, weíll let the "maturity" of those comments speak for themselves.
  4. The GOPís Wonderful White Flag Ad:  Finally, someone gets out there and tells it like it is!  the ad is presently on the home page of -- go see it!  I want to find a place where we can donate money to run this ad on national TV, preferably during the Super Bowl!  One Senator, Daniel Inouye (D-HI), called on President Bush to pull the ad, but his effort was hampered by the fact that the only voices on the Ad were those of Democratic leaders.
  5. The Economy!  Itís roaring, and fueling up to another boom!  With oil prices stabilizing, the situation is getting better for our economy, and the end result will be a gleeful holiday season and beyond.  The excellent economy bodes well for us in 2006.
  6. Commander in Chief:  With Steven Bochco in the commanderís seat, this show, whose president is named "Allen" (George Allen Fans unite!), has become more commonsense and conservative.  Even the showís villain, played by Donald Sutherland, was shown making racist remarks, and admitting that he was a "democrat" when he made these remarks in the 1960s.  Aside from that, they have recently made Sutherlandís character genuinely sympathetic, and are setting a decorous tone between Sutherlandís Speaker of the House and Geena Davisí president that most people only wish could exist in the real D.C.

All in all, my Christmas season has been great so far, and I wish you all the very best.