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Cesspool in Chief

Michelle Malkin reports that Fred Barnes is under attack at Amazon.Com.  To bring you all up to speed, Mr. Barnes is a conservative pundit, frequently seen on Fox News.  He recently wrote a book, entitled Rebel in Chief, a largely complimentary piece on our President, George W. Bush., of course, sells the Barnes book on its web site.  Michelleís post is hereFred Barnesí book listing is here.  However, the Amazon page for this book has been tarred by repeated, vicious, vacuous, vapid libels and insults.

Check out the disgusting piece of crap at the left of this paragraph.  The creator of this America-hating piece of vile tripe repeatedly posts this horrible and disgraceful insult, even after Amazon removes it.  Itís a libel.  It is a libel to falsely accuse a person of committing a crime.  It is not a Constitutionally protected expression of opinion to call a non-felon a "felon."  Therefore, this horrid treasonous retouched photograph is unlawful.

Now donít take me wrong.  I donít support the reinstatement of the Alien and Sedition acts.  I donít think that this person means to do anything except express his or her Constitutional Right to free speech.  You see, the problem is that the Left does not care if their free speech destroys the country in the process.  They think that their sole job is to obtain absolute power by whatever means necessary; Leftists as an innate portion of their belief set know in their hearts that they are better than the "common man" and are destined to rule over them for "their own good."  Why do you think that the Democratic party, the sole bastion of ultra-extreme leftism in the Untied States, searches for a popularly-palatable expressions of what, if anything, they believe?

Michelle says in her posting that Amazon is too sympathetic to the moonbat leftists.  Of course, she, by posting this travesty on her worldís-most-popular blog, has inundated Amazon with a gigantic pile of positive responses to the book.  They appear there now.  I love the tactic!  However, I donít agree with Michelleís conclusion on Amazonís leftness.  Money is money, and conservative dollars spend just as well as liberal ones.  Amazon has instituted its review system, and they are in a legal position where, if they censor the offensive posts, they may become liable for the content of all posts under the Communications Decency Act (47 USC ß 230(c)).  So, Amazon either lets the pigs post their swill, or Amazon shuts reviews completely down altogether.

The offensive picture can be removed without breaching their CDA immunity because it is a photo, and photos have copyright.  But the offensive words must stay.  Remember the words of Yul Brenner in The Ten Commandments:  "Let him rave on, that men shall know him mad!"  Unike the movie, where Moses was not raving but bringing the truth to Pharoah, these moonbats prove their thoughts to be insipid and valueless.  Their lack of ability to spell and construct correct English amplifies the point.

My best suggestion would be for all of us to buy Fredís book from Amazon, and shoot it to #1 on their list for as long as possible.  Then more and more people will buy Fredís book, and his excellent tome will get the sales it deserves.  Finally, the people who visit Amazon will be able to read the wonderful comments that Michelleís supporters have posted.