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Infighting and Irrelevancy

How does one define "right wing bias" in the press?  The answer is apparently "anything short of absolute sycophancy to the most extreme left-wing view of the world."  Case in point:  Today, Katie Couric, one of the most liberal journalists in the entire country, interviewed Howard Dean, another ultra-extreme socialist leftist and the head of the Democratic National Committee.  The subject:  Jack Abramoff.  Ms. Couric noted an independent study that showed that money from Mr. Abramoff and his accosiates had been given to both Republicans and Democrats.  Mr. Dean got extraordinarily angry and defensive, and insisted against the evidence that "not one cent" of Abramoff money went to any Democrat in the Congress.  In return, the extreme leftists are accusing her of a right wing bias.  See Michelle Malkinís article here.

Ms. Couric was asking a fact-based question of the DNC chairman.  Mr. Deanís response is deceptive; Abramoff-related interests gave money, millions of dollars, to Democrats.  In fact, about 40% of the Abramoff money went to Democrats.  This is a typical lobbying practice.  Ms. Couric, if you read the interview text, even gave Dean a softball where he could say "Abramoff himself never personally gave a Democrat any money" -- I donít know if that is true.  It doesnít attenuate the gist of the story, that Abramoff-affiliated lobbying clients and others dumped millions into Democratic hands.  However, to say that Couric has a "right wing bias" because she did not silently endorse Mr. Deanís blatant deception is the height of extremist hypocrisy.

I canít help but to think that this is the next step of the desperate Democratic partyís demise.  Paul Begala, Jim Carville, Maureen Downer Dowd and Molly Ivins are all lamenting the downfall of the Democrats.  Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK) just got up on the Senate floor and gave his party a vicious tongue-lashing over their insipid and odious performance in the Alito hearings.  And Sen. Byrd announced his vote for Judge Alito!  The ombudsman for the Washington Post was recently vilified -- viciously -- for insinuating that the Post has something of a liberal bias.  In fact, the attacks were so vitriolic that the Post closed its blog / messageboard.  Now Chris Matthews, king of the Bush-haters at MSNBC faces a sponsor boycott for not being left enough!

This infighting is the byproduct of the Leftís immature frustration with their total failure to persuade the American people to invest them with the power they both crave and believe is theirs by operation of destiny.  Their immaturity drives their actions.  The liberals donít like what the other people have to say; the speakers must be silenced.  Sound like the Chinese Government and Google?  I know that the moonbats on the Left would rejoice if Google were to decide to filter American searches to block access to those Conservative ideas that they cannot intelligently answer.

I am sad to reiterate my prediction that Carville and Bagalaís wise warnings to the Democrats are falling on deaf ears.  The Democrats are racing in high gear towards absolute irrelevancy and their irrational behavior appears to worsen with each passing day.